Articulating Booms Lifts

Genie®Z® articulating boom lifts provide the ability to lift up, over and out with precise positioning for ultimate versatility in hard-to-access work areas. Genie introduced the articulating Z-boom in 1985 with the Genie Z-30/20 model — a product that launched the company into the rental segment. These lifts gained incredible popularity due to their unique “up-and-over” capabilities to navigate obstacles at height.

  • Max. Working Height range: 36 ft. to 141ft
  • .
  • Max Up and Over Clearance (riser extended): 12ft to 75ft.
  • Exceptional Stability and heavy-duty
  • Four-wheel drive with full-time positive traction
  • Variants:
    Z-30/20 N, Z-30/20 N RJ, Z-33/18, Z-34/22 N, Z-34/22 DC or Bi Energy, Z-34/22 IC, Z-40/23 N, Z-40/23 N RJ, Z-45/25 J DC, Z-45/25 RT and Z-45/25J RT, Z-45 XC, Z-60/37 DC and FE, Z-62/40, Z-80/60, ZX-135/70

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