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We stock standard products related to Drives and Transmission applications for prompt supply to customers in local currency. We also have overseas offices for supply directly in foreign currencies



Deublin Co. USA is the largest manufacturer of Rotating Union having manufacturing facilities in Usa, Germany, Italy & China. Deublin Co. have been continually developing new products to meet new demands since 1945. In 2012, Deublin Co. USA have taken over BARCO USA.

CCM Union (Continuous Casting Application)

• 2400 series self supported rotary union with balanced mechanical seal (seal combination - Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide)

•  Bearingless union for higher life with brass housing and elbow

Roller Tables (IRT / DRT / Shifter)

•   55 Series - All-purpose

•   Standard and Special Sealing

Hydraulic Union for expanse-collapse of Mandrels for CRM / HRM

•  2 / 3 / 4 Passage & Multi-passage for clamping-unclamping at steel-strip winders

• In combination with 2 passage around the shaft application grease is supplied to the winding mandrel to lubricate the moving elements to the winder

Ladle Turret Union

•  Ladle Turrets require complex heavy-duty multi-passage union that support the Hydraulic lifting of the laddle

• Multi-port max 26 passage supporting Hydraulic lifting of laddle

• Ladle Turret Union accomodate multiple media including Hydraulic oil, Argon, Air & Water

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KOBA hydraulic buffer meets the Global industrial safety standards like OSHA, AISE, CMMA, Din and FEM.

KOBA is a specialized manufacturer of Hydraulic Shock Absorbers, Buffer & Gas Springs for Shock damping in numerous applications since 1993. With its industry proven design & experience of global installations, KOBA’s performance exceeds customers’ expectation.


KES Series

KES series is designed and developed to use the unique hydrostatic compression characteristics of special Visco-elastomers. KES has compact and reliable design and high damping coefficient. KES has advantage to get energy absorption and return spring function in a single unit without additional gas or mechanical spring return mechanism. It is allowed to use various range of temperature with stable damping  force.

KOBA KHG & KHS series Hydraulic Buffer are used to serve as safety stops, Mounted at each corner of overhead crane bridges of LT & CT. It is also used in Stacker Cranes.

KHG / KHS Series

  • KHG / KHS Series are being used for heavy industrial application. They, as all self-adjusting type, make a absorption of all impact gradually & smoothly because they are specially designed with multi-orifice structure. Piston Rod of KHS series returns again by dint of Return coils spring and Piston Rod of KHG series returns by using Nitrogen gas.  

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KHS Series

KHG Series

 KES Series


Established in 1980, Formosa Gear plant is part of Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation (FHI), based in Taiwan. Gear plant has license from Renk Tacke Germany for technology. Wordwide FHI is known for 'Custom" built gearboxes for both reducers and increasers application worldwide.

Idustries Served

  • Steel

  • Power

  • Cement

  • Windmill

  • Material Handling

  • Cranes


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For over 80 years KOPFLEX, earlier known as Koppers company, a part of EMERSON GROUP COMPANY has been a leading manufacturer of Mill-Duty & Turbo Machinery Couplings as well as Gear Spindles.

Mill Drives Spindles & High Performance Couplings for Rolling Mills

Universal Joint Maxxus®

•  Heavy Duty Block Style

•  Main Mill Drive

•  Custom Design

Gear Spindles

•  Custom Designed for application

•  Carburised GG (Patented)

•  Nitrided

•  Optimum Tourque Capacity, Maximum life

Max-C Resilient Coupling

• Provides resilience and damping for sever applications

•  Available upto 79.5" OD and peak torque capacity upto 6383 kN - m

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Jaure S.A Spain desings & manufactures couplings for the most adverse running conditions. Jaure couplings are used across all major industry segments with optimum efficiency and reliability.

Advantages of Jaure Coupling & Spindles

•  Max. Tourque capability

•  Higher permissible loads

•  High Misalignments (upto 6°)

Advantages of Jaure Barrel Couplings over Gear Coupling in Crane application

•  Can take high radial & axial misalignment

• Have less bending stress than gear couplings, hence longer life

•  More compact drives system

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Gelenkwellenwerk Stadtilm Gmbh is a leading manufacturer of Universal joints in Germany. They are OE suppliers to SMS, Danieli, SVAI, 5Stein and all leading steel & heavy engineering industries.

Gewes designs and manufactures Cardan Shafts (U-joints) conforming to the various application needs.

Salient Product Features

•  Misalignemnt upto 35°

•  Swing dia 370 mm max. shaft dia 390 mm

•  Reversible application, rated upto 370000 Nm.


•  Excellent Efficiency

•  High Reliability

•  Low Maintenance

•  Spares easily available

Industries Served

•  Steel Plant Segment. Mill Drive

•  Caster Drives

•  Special Mining Equipment

•  Material Handling Equipment

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