Heavy Duty Advance Composite Mats

Need to protect ground during the construction? Want a stable road instead of muddy mess? Want to expedite work slowed down due to difficult terrain?

DuraBase Heavy Duty Composite Mats are the ultimate solution for temporary ground covers that helps to provide safe and easy pathways to the difficult terrain. Ideally suited for all applications for temporary access roads, Composite Mats are widely used for Pine-line laying, Oil Fields as Rig Mats, Power utilities, Crane bases, Heavy Lifting Matting, Temporary Roads & Roadways, Ground Protection Mats for protection of sensitive grounds and Aviation Helicopter Pads.

They can be used for many different terrains and soil types; including tidal flats, sand, marshes, beaches, bogs, black soils, snow, tundra, peat swamps, muskegs and river creeks. DuraBase Composite Mats have been tested in each of these environments and have helped to improve access in a broad assortment of construction and other projects. MACO’s Rental services of composite mats enable companies to rent out the required number of mats, only for the time of their construction and be assured of receiving the best quality. Companies are assured of receiving quality-tested, well-maintained mats along with required support for installation & supervision. It helps companies to increase their productivity multi-fold while becoming cost-efficient.

MACO rents out three kinds of mats, as per the various requirements of the industry:

Full Mats

Regular Mats of Size (2.44m x 4.27m x 10.2cm) and weighs approximately 454kg is primary for all weather surface for heavy equipment.

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Half Mats

Half Mats are meant to complement the regular composite mats and are used as extensions to increase the coverage of temporary roads and terrains. They are also used to provide the flexibility to increase the loadbearing capacity and fill in gaps where regular mats do not fit.

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Turning Mats

Turning Mats are used to provide a change in direction for heavy vehicles on temporary roads. Laid intermittently along composite mats layout, they provide almost 100 change of direction with sturdiness in any kind of terrain.

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Application of Composite Mats
  • Oil and Gas

  • Renewables

  • Utilities

  • Roads & Infrastructure

  • Aviation

  • Council Works

  • Coastal

  • Rail

  • Building

  • Defence

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Crane Platforms

Temporary platforms suitable for cranes of all sizes - from mobile crane trucks to heavy lift crawler cranes.

Piling Pads

Improve ground bearing capacity for piling works such as sheet piling, bored piling and driven piling.

Oilfield Rig Mats

Composite matting for well sites, campsites, rig access and exploration programmes

Soft Ground Access

Interlocked roadways into tidal flats, coastal wetlands, riverbanks, swamps, black soil and muddy farmlands.

Trackout Control

Rapid instal trackout control matting to keep mud and debris on site

Beach Access

Interlocking mats for access in soft sand beaches. From wheelchair access mats to boat ramps to heavy equipment RO-ROs.

Construction Site Access

Weatherproof critical transport routes to site. Protection of existing roads, footpaths, pavements and heritage tree roots.

Geotechnical Drilling

Access for track mounted or truck mounted rigs to support geotechnical drilling, environmental studies and explorations.

Sensitive Site Access

Temporary roadways with minimal topsoil disturbance in class A nature reserves, protected wetlands, cultural heritage sites, acid-sulfate soils, buried asbestos, and other sensitive grounds.

Pipeline Works

Right-of-way for pipeline and trenching works.

Pedestrian Walkways

Temporary shared user paths for diversion of pedestrian, wheelchair and cyclist traffic.

Campsite Grounds

Temporary grounds for setting up workforce campsites, demountables and portable accommodations

Staging Areas

Modular matting for temporary staging areas, boneyards, compounds, and laydown yards.

Workshop Flooring

Portable flooring options for container dome shelters and workshops.

Event Matting

Hardscape protection, temporary carparks, bump-in/out access, pedestrian walkways.


Temporary taxi aprons, aircraft parking, portable helipads, hangar flooring on demand.

Heavy Lift

Temporary ground support for movements of heavy equipment. Protection of underground pipelines and existing infrastructures along transport route.