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Today, Indian Power Generation Industry is progressing to meet global benchmark of excellence. Maco Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.  is working with a mission to bring in the latest technology products and engineering expertise to Indian Power Generation Industry. We focus on emerging demands and respond quickly to the customer’s needs.

Our team 0f 80 engineers located across 7 branches are committed to meet / exceed customer requirements in design, Application engineering, Commercial issues and after sales service functions to facilitate hassle free transactions and arrange for smooth movement of products and services..

Beyond this, we organize technology transfer, facilitate joint venture and assist our principals in outsourcing part of engineering and manufacturing in India. Thus enabling them to offer the products/ services at affordable rates.

No wonder MACO is the most trusted name in the Power Industry.


For over 100 years and almost every Power Plant owners worldwide have trusted  Cleveland   Gear, USA for its efficiency and reliability.


In India we are regularly supplying these Gear Sets to OEM’s like BHEL Hyderabad and End Users ike various of NTPC , various SEB Units and

Private Power Plants like Tata Power and JSPL,etc.


Cleveland Gear is an Industry Leader in the manufacture of High Quality Worm Gears, Speed Reducers, Variators and Custom Gear Drives.

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Ring Mill – American Pulverizer’s exclusive rolling ring design is the most efficient crushing element ever developed to reduce material to uniform size.


This process reduces by impact rather than sharpness and is free to deflect from

 tram metal.

American Pulverizer makes quality reduction on equipment for use around the world in a variety of reduction applications such as Coal, Chemicals, Ferous, and Non Ferous scrap, hazardous waste, limestone, ore, construction and demolition debris, plastic, tires and wood.

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Cone Drive Gearing Solutions, based in Traverse City, Michigan,is an industry leader in motion control and industrial

power transmission solutions.

Cone Drive has extensive experience in many industries;including solar, metals, mining, defense,oil & gas, food packaging & process,pulp & paper,plastics, entertainment and more.

Cone Drive is the world leader in double enveloping worm gear technology, which delivers solutions with the highest torque and shock load capacity in the smallest

amount of space.

Cone Drive's products are renowned for their durability and precision.


  • Worm Gear

  • Worm Gear Gearboxes (also referred to as Worm Speed Reducers)

  • Custom Gearboxes (also referred to as Custom Speed Reducers)

  • Helical Worm Gearboxes (also referred to as Helical Worm Speed Reducers)

  • Planetary Gearboxes (also referred as Planetary Servo Gearheads)

  • Precision Gearheads

  • Servo Gearboxes

  • Servo Gearheads

  • Slewing Drives

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Since 1936, Pulsafeeder, has been the recognized leader in fluid handling technology, including electronic diaphragm metering pumps, peristaltic metering pumps, mechanical motor diaphragm pumps, microprocesso based water treatment controllers (boiler, cooling tower and timer) as well as pre-engineered systems and accessories.


Pulsafeeder has built an impressive record of success in thousands of fluid handling applications.

With facilities around the globe and our global network of representatives and distributors,


Pulsafeeder assures that products and local support are available for total customer support.


Pulsafeeder Engineered Solutions combine process control and mechanical expertise from a single source.


Pulsafeeder is the leader in providing complete chemical injection systems solutions.

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Air Flow Science, USA :-  Airflow Sciences Equipment, Accurate Flow and Velocity Data.


  •  ASE offers a range of coal pipe testing equipment, from clean air

           to dirty air to isokinetic coal sampling.

  •  Standard equipment is available for manual testing via

  • ASME PTC4.2 or ISO 9931 (SwivelSampler™ or RotorProbe™).

           Or try out the Advanced Coal Flow Measurement (ACFM™) System,developed in 1993 and perfected over the last 2 decades.

  •  The ACFM™ automates many portions of the test to increase

accuracy / repeatability and decrease operator fatigue.

Also available is the ISO 9931 Measurement System with

 Automated Probe Actuation™, isthe most

advanced multi point coal sampler with a motorized rotatable head.

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Superbolt Tensioners are direct replacements for standard nuts and bolts.

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For more than 60 years NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® limit switches    

 have been chosen for the harshest environments.

Envelopes Global Specifications for Gen 2 and Gen 3 environments.

The NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® switch is the only limit switch qualified and

used in every commercial nuclear power facility in the United States.

NAMCO’s legendary quality and reliability meet the requirements of the

most demanding applications on the planet.

We have a solution for you in our full line of SNAP-LOCK® switches.

Stainless Steel exterior for all inside and outside containment applications.

Available with integrated electrical quick disconnect or pre-wired with flying leads. Seismic and Vibration resistant.

Chemical Spray Resistant High temperature components throughout. Positive internal latching mechanism to eliminate chatter under Seismic or high vibration conditions. Zero operating force. Small footprint.

Threaded body switch and Target Magnet provide infinite adjustability.

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Waukesha Bearings Corporation is a global leader three integrated business units –  Fluid Film Bearings, Magnetic Bearings and Engineered Seals – to deliver technology and application expertise that is unrivalled in the industry.


Waukesha custom engineered bearings allow for optimized performance in a broad range of rotating equipment, including :- gas, steam and hydro turbines, compressors, gearbox, motors and pumping system .


The Specific types of fluid film bearings in Waukesha Bearing’s product line :


  • Fixed Profile bearings.

  • Tilting Pad Thrust bearings.

  • Tilting Pad Journal bearings .

  • Combination bearings.

  • Advanced Material bearing designs.

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  • As the inventor of the original bearing isolator and lost production.

With Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators you can reduce maintenance costs

and double the lifetime of your rotating equipment.

  • The Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator is a two part dynamic seal consisting

of a stator and a rotor attached to the shaft.

The rotor and stator form a non-contacting compound labyrinth seal

with no wearing parts – ensuring permanent protection.

  •  Inpro/Seal continues to be a leading provider of permanent bearing protection

 for a variety of applications. No matter the size or complexity of the application,

Inpro/Seal’s technical experts can design a custom solution for your equipment.


  • Bearing failures lead to expensive downtime .

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  • Nord-Lock washers secure bolted joints with tension instead of friction.

It is a high quality product with documented success in many industries worldwide.


  • Nord-Lock wedge lock washers have been rigorously tested and approved by

independent institutes as well as certification authorities.


Nord-Lock wedge lock washers are used in numerous industries such as: energy,

 transportation, offshore, mining and quarrying, construction and bridge building,

manufacturing and processing, ship building, forestry and agriculture,

heavy vehicles, and military.


  • Our washers are approved by several industry standards and specified by numerous

 international companies. Over the operational life cycle,

Nord-Lock wedge lock washers give increased operational reliability

and lower maintenance costs while significantly reducing the

risks of production stops, accidents and warranty claims.

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  • Founded over 50 years ago, Smalley Steel Ring Company has evolved to become the world leader in the manufacturing and development of Spirolox Retaining Rings, Constant Section Rings and Wave Springs. Smalley has led the way in introducing state of the art products and continues to lead the way in innovations for the future. 

  • The Smalley product line consists of 10,000 standard parts stocked in carbon and stainless steel as well as specialty designs in exotic alloys or customer specified dimensions.

  • we are certified to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100 and ISO 14001, Smalley is able to offer customers worldwide unprecedented service and quality. Smalley Steel Ring Company is an ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registered facility.

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Our Products

•  Aerial Work Platforms

•  Articulating Booms

•  Material Lifts

•  Scissor Lifts

•  Telescopic Booms

•  Telehandlers

•  Trailer Mounted Booms

•  Trailer Mounted Light Towers

Standard Features

•  500 lb (227 kg) Platform Capacity

•  Self-Leveling, Front Entry Platforms

•  Narrow Models

•  Compact Storage

•  Rotating Turntable

•  Powered Platform Rotation

•  Zero Tailswing

•  Self-Leveling Front Entry Platforms

•  Models with Articulationg Jibs

•  360° Continuous Rotation Turntable

•  Minimum Tailswing

•  Proportional Lift and Drive Controls

• Models with Turbo Charged Diesel Engine



PALFINGER AG based in Salsburg, Austria is the world leader in Truck Mounted Cranes and Truck Mounted AWPs.


  • Complies to internatiomal safety standards

  • Uses smaller trucks vis a vis height comparison to any other brand in the market

  • insulated basket as an option


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JASC specializes in design and manufacturing of either complete systems or integral components utilized in gas turbine applications.  Our focus is on developing and providing engineered solutions for gas to gas turbines. Customers utilizing JASC’s water-cooled technology have realized reliability of 98% or better for backup liquid fuel systems.

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  • CONNEX can provide wealth of experience. This experience will lead to a cost-effective solution to application problems. Our precision products and special alloy material meet the high standards that CONNEX has set. Our plant operates a quality assurance program according to the internationally recognized Standard ISO 9002, distinguishing our products with high quality and precision.

  • Connex also specialize in heavy spring pins, light spring pins, ground spring pins, precision spring pins and locating spring pins for fastening and locating solutions. The unique design of CONNEX spring pins offer solutions not found with substitute parts for demanding applications.

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  • Penflex is founded in 1902. In 1906: Penflex becomes the first manufacturer in America to produce flexible interlocked metal hose.

  •  Galvanized Steel hose was widely used during world war II because of its fire-resistant quality and electrostatic protection. The Interlocked hose made of Galvanized Steel was used at Gulf port terminals to unload oil from oil tankers, and on open hearth furnace at several plants of leading steel manufacturers.

  • Penflex introduces P4 – the newest generation of Penflex Annular Corrugated Metal Hose products which provide high uniformity of corrugations and consistency of the pitch. The full coverage braid of P4 products is designed to sustain high working pressures & provide maximum protection to the inner core.

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