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Rig Mats

Maco Corporation gives the best rig mats, and consist of eight efficient wood divisions made up of rough-cut treated pine nailed collectively for better rigidity that’s required in the hardest of construction jobs.

They can be adopted to create roads that enable vehicles to reach remote places. They give crews safe and stable platforms from which they can operate.

Further, they ease the pressure formed by machines, which limits changes to unstable ecosystems.

We provide composite rig mats to safely and sensitively work on any area. We offer a solid base for all your drilling and construction requirements.

Benefits of Rig Mats

  • Made of dense hardwoods

  • Notched for easy lifting

  • Various sizes, including custom sizing available.

How our Rig Mats differ from others?

Our Rig Mats are made with flat bar cross members, and the normal life of our drilling rig mats is about ten years, though some have persisted active for 15 – 20 years.

Our oil rig mats feature the same durable timber frame as our other products.

We produce oil rig mats for massive buildings because they can endure the most punishing way without fail.