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MACO is a world wide supplier of advance technological products and services for the Steel Industries providing innovative integrated solutions and enhancing value delivered to the customer. 

Rolls for Long Products Rolling Mill

Work Roll for Cold Strip Mill

Backup Roll for HSM and CRM

SIDENOR(rolls for rolling mill)

Spain is a world renowned manufacturer of Rolls for Rolling Mill. They have been supplying forged Rolls for Rolling Mill to the Mill Builders as well as to the Steel plants since 1964

Their Products are

  • Backup Rolls (Forged) with 3% Cr or 5% Cr + Mo for Hot Strip Mills, Cold Strip Mills & Plate Mills.

  • Work Rolls (Forged) with 3% Cr or 5% Cr or 5% Deep Layer for Cold Strip Mills & Plate Mills.

  • Work Rolls for Hot Strip Mills and Plate Mills

                a)            Indefinite Chill Double Pouring (ICDP) / Enhanced ICDP

                b)            High Chromium Iron / Steel

                c)            High Speed Steel

                d)            “Equalizer”

  •   Rolls for Long Products Rolls Mills

                a)            Ductile Iron / Definite Chill / Indefinite Chill

                b)            Adamite Steel

                c)            High Speed Steel

                d)            Forged Steel

List of Valued Customers in India :-

Work Rolls for Hot Strip Mill



Luoyang Bearing Corp. (Group) is the biggest comprehensive bearing manufacturer in China. They are specialized in the export of Chinese Bearing Goods. Its product covers 10,000 sizes, 9 categories in all precision tolerance classes. They manufacture various types of ball and roller bearings with bore from 8 mm up to max OD of 11 meters according to the ISO 9001 standard, Qs 9000 standard and China National Standard. The lightest bearing weighs only 25.4 grams and the heaviest one weighs 15 Tons. Their yearly output volume is 150 million pieces.

LYC provides all supporting products for 2150 CCDR sheet production line from 2006.

Range of Products

Slew Bearings

Split Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Double Row  Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

Taper Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Thrust Ball Bearings

Self-Aligning Roller Bearings

Thrust Roller Bearings

Needle Roller Bearings

Pillow Blocks & Insert Bearings


  • Converter

  • Continuous Casting

  • Rolling Mills Back-up                                                                                              Roll




Metalltechnik is producing low carbon steel shot FERROSAD since more than 40 years. It has several advantages against the standard high carbon steel shot.

FERROSAD  steel shot does not need any further heat treatment after atomizing. The chemical composition and the atomizing process ensure that FERROSAD steel shot is free from quench cracks, shrinkage cavities and slag inclusions. The high manganese content guarantees a high wear resistant product of the correct hardness with a long service life.

FERROSAD last longer than high carbon steel shot!

FERROSAD will reduce the cost of consumption!

FERROSAD will reduce the wear part costs of the blasting machies!

FERROSAD will reduce the maintenance cost for the blasting machine!

FERROSAD will produce less dust!

FERROSAD will reduce the dust disposal costs

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Noble Elektronik is a Swedish organization joined VPG on 2002 and is famous for design and manufacturing the systems and solution for critical weighing application, overload protection etc in the field of Steel, Mining, Paper, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Offshore Crane etc.


BLH is a Boston based organization closely working with Nobel and share the technology support in the field of Torpedo Car weighing and monitoring system.

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L-Tec CM-90 scarfing machine is a four-sided scarfing machine specially designed to combine the best features of a standard, automatic, self-sizing, hot slab scarfing machine with those of a standard, two-sided, cold slab scarfing machine, it is capable of scarfing the four sided of cast steel slabs which are in temperature range of between 21°C (70°F) and 760°C (1400°F).

Several sizes are available; each will automatically accommodate itself to any cross-sectional size of slab within its intended capacity range. This important feature makes it unnecessary to depend upon the machine operator for any sizing function in order to achieve good scarfing results. L-Tec 4 sided scarfing machine is a high throughput machine capable of scarfing all four sides of hot, warm and cold slabs in one pass.

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Green Project S.r.l. is a world leader in the production and marking of marking systems for the steel and aluminium industry and of fixed and portable automatic character recognition systems. Using the latest technology, Green Project manufactures different types of marking machines covering all applications in the steel industry.

Green Project has established a fruitful ralationship with the major contractors in the world, including Danieli, SMS Siemag and Siemens VAI as well as end users like Tenaris, Thyssen Krupp, etc.

TEMA - Paint / ink marking system for hot and cold products

PUMA - Punch marking system for hot and cold products

SPRAY - Wire / powder spray marking system for hot products

AURS - Automatic reading system for green project marking technologies

Application Hot & Cold Rolled Products

•  Coil

•  Plate

•  Strip

•  Pipe

•  Beam Profile / Bar Continuous casting products

•  Billet / bloom / beamblank

•  Slab

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GFG’s Peabody electrostatic oiler systems offer a comprehensive line of standard and customized oilers designed for your rigid production requirements. Whether it’s a pickling line, galvanizing line, temper mill, slitting, inspection or blanking line, GFG has the right oiler for the right application.

Standard or Customized, Peabody Electrostatic Oiler are desinged to meet rigid production requirements.

•Telescopic blade carriers will allow your technicians easy access to blades and the inside of the enclosure when periodic maintenance is required.

•Tank heaters are designed to be easily removed - without draining the tank.

•In addition, all oiler systems feature solid-state power supplies and patented Dynamic Voltage Control for superior coating performance.

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Miebach offers the welding machines accoring to customer’s requests in different degrees of automation.

The company Miebach is active in the field of welding machines for nearly 100 years. Miebach is worldwide market leader for coil joining in the steel industry. With technical know-how. Miebach match all state of the art technologies and customer’s requirements.

Laser Welding (Type CSL)


Strip thickness     : from 0,1 mm to 0,8 mm

Strip width             : from 600 mm to 1300 mm


Tin plates, thin sheet metal, foil coated tin plate, chrome plated steel, stainless steel, austenitic and ferritic - rust-free and coated

Laser Welding Machine for Cold Strip (Type CSLH)


Strip thickness     : from 0,3 mm to 4,0 mm

Strip width             : from 600 mm to 2100 mm


Low carbon steel, higher strength steel, Si-steel, all TRIP steels, MS steel, stainless steel ferritic, stailess steel austenitic and aluminium


Inspection Lines, Preparation Lines, Annealing Lines, Tinning Lines, Combined Inspection and Preparation Lines, Tandem Lines, Coupled Pickling Lines - Tandem Mills, Inspection Lines, Annealing Lines, Galvanizing Lines, Re-Coiling Lines

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Overlap Swam Welder                               

Laser HSL   

Arc Welder      

Mash Seam Welder

Spot Welder                                              

Flash Butt Welder

Laser CSLH                  

Laser CSL          




SCHAAF is a reputed German multinational Company has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of Hydraulic Bolt tensioners, Oil Press Fit equipment and hydraulic Couplings.

The Product range of SCHAAF Includes

• Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

• Hydraulic Nuts

• Multiple Stud Nuts

• Oil Press Fit tools for Pressing Gears, Hubs, & Bearings on Shafts Axially

• High Pressure hydraulic Pumps - Electric, Pneumatic & manual

• Special Solutions for shaft & Axial Connections

• Expa Bolt, Expaten Bolt, Expaten2 Bolts

• Grip Con

• Grip loc Couplings - for shafts to shaft axial connections

• Special Bolting tools and pumps along with complete documentation system

SCHAAF not only just produce basic tools, but also Hydraulic tensioners with special options like Spring return, Load limiter, Stroke limiter & Customised solutions like elongation measurement, load measurement and complete documentation system.

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GECSA is a leading manufacturer of Secondary Circuit for Furnaces in Spain. They supply their products to Mill Builders all over the world.

Their Products are

• Bus-bar

• Water Cooled Cables

• Clamps

• Flexible Connections

• Isolating pieces and supports

Gecsa supplies water cooled cables of any copper cross section, through 10,000 mm2, preferably, rope lay, with only one layer of cable ropes made with 0,5 mm diameter wire. Rope lay type presents the advantages of more flexibility and easier cooling, with a higher overall diameter. This design is the standard GECSA type. If customer request we manufacture other lay type also.

GECSA manufacture Water Coolde Cable for Ladle Furnace, Arc Furnace, Induction Furnace etc.

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