Hawk Industries Oil & Gas

Oil rigs are the core of procuring Petroleum and Natural Gas, from our Earth’s crust. However, the working conditions falls in the hazardous zone. Most rigs shall have an upward of 100+ people living and working onboard. Rigs are in generally operational 24 hours every day, throughout the year.

One key component of establishing such a rig is the Drill setup.The surface drilling conditions vary widely, however in most environments the drill gets though the Earth’s crust. The drill setup is much heavier and strongerto sustain several hundred hours of drilling. Mud deposition, surface cracks and pump circulation are the most common issues that arises when establishing a mast and a drill setup.

Modern technologies related to mining, oil drilling and resurfacing, either offshore or onshore requires pristine heavy-duty rigs and machineries so that the extraction process deals with minimal loss of the raw material, has high-grade quality of processing and ample options for transportation to multiple refineries nearby.

One of the leading brands that manufactures high precision durable drills and oil rigs is Hawk Industries. Inc. This innovative company is based out in California, United States and has been into this profession of developing all the necessary and essential components for oil drilling for a significant amount of time now. Hawk Industries have partnered with tons of international oil corporations, lending their first-class products, enriching the nation’s economy in the process.

We cannot deny the fact, such heavy-duty tasks require ultra-quality precision when it comes to prevention of any sort of oil or gas leaks, naturally to stay out of an imminent danger. To carry out this oil and gas drilling process on land, that is relatively easier in terms of instruments being set up compared to oceanic oil extraction.

Let’s talk about one of their star products, the SPINMASTER-Drill Pipe Spinners. They are one of the fastest, safest, most efficient drill pipe spinners on the market today. They come in two options, Pneumatic or Hydraulic and in two sizes.

Key features of the Hawk Industry’s Drill-Pipe Spinners include:

  1. High torque output of up to 2272 lbs.
  2. Scissor cse design with perpendicular pin-mounted cylinders for increases gripping force.
  3. Quick pin releases allow unit to slide easily to new hole location.
  4. External mounted bearings with removable caps for Spinmaster 550-Hydraulic ease of maintenance.
  5. Roller-type chain eliminates slippage, extends life, and lowers maintenance costs.
  6. Compact design is lighter than comparable tools, helping to reduce crew fatigue.

Compared to the giant overhead equipment’s, Hawk Industries have got you covered in providing world class safe, reliable, and trusted pieces of equipment that have made the process of oil extraction and Pipe Drilling much more profitable and reliable.