Employee Engagement

The real strength of Maco lies in the strong-rooted bonds within ourselves. It is the oneness and unity which we experience as a close-knit family, that enables us to give the best service and offerings to our clients, as well as grow together as a company. We constantly pursue and take efforts to provide growth opportunities to our employees, staff and associates, as well as build in them, a sense of togetherness. This is done through various team-building activities and celebrations.

Festivals and occasions are promptly celebrated at the company, as part of its routine. This includes annual picnics and get-togethers, as well as festivities like Diwali, Christmas, Navratri and so on. Many of these activities are also aimed at introducing and welcoming the families of our employees to be part of our culture. Sports are also a regular part of our activities, as are other team-building exercises.

Throughout the year, the environment at Maco remains eccentric and enthusiastic, as we engage ourselves in building relationships within ourselves to last for a lifetime. It is this bond that we share, along with a greater cause of belonging to a dynamic and ever-growing work environment, that enables us to distinguish ourselves from others. After all, it is only when a family grows together, that it can achieve something remarkable.