KHG Series (Gas Return)

KOBA KHG Series is a range of compact shock absorbers, with large capacity-handling capability, that ensures higher energy absorption with Hydraulic pressure and nitrogen gas working together for collision of heavy moving load. It is custom-designed and manufactured, with multiple orifices designed on the basis of the requirements of Customer’s application. KOBA hydraulic buffer meets Global industrial safety standards like OSHA, AISE, CMMA, DIN, and FEM.

  • Adjustment: Self-adjusting type
  • Filling: Oil + Nitrogen Gas
  • Temperature: Standard (-10~80℃), Special (-40~120℃)
  • Return: Nitrogen Gas
  • Piston Rod: Hard Chrome (over 25µm)
  • Body and Mount: Epoxy Paint Coatings
  • Application: Container crane, Overhead Crane, Stacker Crane, railway, Transfer Car, Amusement rides, safety Device, Steel plant facilities, etc.

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