GELENKWELLENWERK, GmBH is the leading manufacturer of GEWES make CARDAN SHAFTS since 1942, located in Stadtilm, Germany. It is among Europe’s most experienced manufacturers of Industrial Cardan Shafts, also known as U-Joints, for a variety of applications. GEWES Cardanshafts are weight-optimised, energy-efficient and high-performaning, developed by using advanced methods and FEM calculations to provide optimal tube wall strengths and diameters for high torsion and bending resistance.

MACO provides its customers the best Cardan Shafts, manufactured by GEWES. Made from tempered steel and case-hardened steel, the calibrated precision steel tubes are used for particularly demanding situations. All materials used fulfil the requirements for marine classification and rail vehicle applications. GEWES Cardan shafts are further characterized by low-maintenance components and low maintenance costs over the entire product life cycle.

Roll Drive at Hot Strip Mill