What began as one man’s dream, MACO has today become one of the most reputed and trusted companies across the globe.

Nagesh Patel

Over a span of 35 years, Shri. Nagesh Patel has whole-heartedly dedicated himself to flourish MACO. Honing his technical prowess by working on-site and leading the team through actions, Mr. Patel helped develop and strengthen the foundation of MACO through his dedicated approach. A visionary by heart, he helped expand the company across borders, by creating a portfolio of foreign manufacturing companies and leading numerous successful projects.

Ramesh Patel

As regards his career, Mr. Ramesh Patel brings in 50 years of experience with him. He joined MACO in 1992, and handled responsibilities related to Operations and Company affairs, parallel to handling some key business accounts. His contribution in growing the infrastructure of company is also acknowledged and worth mentioning.

Hitesh Vasa

Mr. Hitesh Vasa joined as a partner in MACO in 1987 and, ever since, has worked in different roles, including taking care of Marketing, Administration/Finance, Business Development, forming of JVs’ and diversifying project activities. He was appointed as an Ambassador of MACO & its group companies and represented the company overseas for many successful ventures.

Bhishma Deb Ghosh

Mr. BD Ghosh has been on the Board of Directors of MACO since 2015 and brings with him, tremendous years of experience. Having being associated with the MACO Project Management team since 2008, Mr. Ghosh is one of the senior-most members of the company.

Hiten Gandhi

Having been part of the successful journey of MACO, Mr. Hiten Gandhi has been instrumental in contributions to the areas of implementing software systems in the company for streamlining processes and optimising the resources. A qualified Chartered Accountant, Mr. Gandhi is associated as Director, overseeing Commercial, Accounts, Investment, Systems & Service Projects.

Abhijit Das

Starting his journey with MACO 32 years back, Mr Abhijit Das joined the company as a Product Manager. Using his profound experience and technical know-how, Mr. Das contributed largely towards developing the Steel SBU and soon went on to head the Drives & Transmission SBU of the company, before becoming a Director. During his illustrious career, he has been awarded many laurels and recognition for his work.

Ketan Patel

With a total experience of 20 years, Mr. Ketan Patel has been associated with MACO since 1990. Through a strong technical know-how and equally prominent management skills, Mr. Patel has helped set-up and evolve the Oil & Gas SBU, as well as the Access SBU, parallel to being pro-actively involved in the company’s business development activities.