CSR Activities of Maco Corporation

For us, at Maco, we believe that the true measure of our success is how many lives we can touch, be it through our work or through our CSR activities. Being part of a society where opportunities are not always equally distributed, we try to do our best to provide a brighter future to the less fortunate.

Education is the best tool to shape a better tomorrow. And due to this, Maco gives a lot of emphasis to the education sector and supporting schools, academics and institutes. Carrying out innumerable activities in various schools, Maco aims to build a sense of camaraderie and responsibility in students, while helping them instil a sense of pride for their country, as well as helping them create a healthy atmosphere for today, as well as tomorrow. Along with education, the company also carries out activities in the health sector, with periodic blood donation and eye check-up camps in various parts of the country. Through these initiatives, Maco tries to provide health facilities and resources to the most remote areas and villages, where good healthcare is a major problem.

Dakshin Kalighata Sevashram, in Kolkata, was one of our recent endeavours, where the company got an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 65 destitute/orphan boys. The Maco family donated school bags, writing materials, books and stationery, along with financial aid to the orphanage, for the all-round development of these kids; from their formal education to vocational training. This small step towards the betterment of these kids and their future was gratifying for us, but more importantly, it was a chance for us to selflessly be part of a child’s better future. Endeavours like these are done proactively by Maco, as they remain our responsibility and duty towards the society. In the future, we hope to be part of such noble initiatives as much as we can.

Education is a prime necessity and yet, for many underprivileged families, it is a distant dream for their children to be educated. Maco, through its CSR activities, has tried to make a difference in these rural areas for the betterment of the society. One of these activities has been to actively support Vijapura Vidya Sankul, an undertaking of Shri Umiya Parivar Educational Trust, Sidsar, in their noble cause of providing educational opportunities to more than 1000 students from under-privileged backgrounds. Supporting them through financial aid, as well as with books, stationary and uniforms, the company tries its best to support the trust in their endeavors.

The betterment of a society is neither any one person/community’s responsibility, nor is it a one-time job. It requires a conscious effort by each and every one of us, on a regular basis, to do our best. With this in mind, Maco actively organizes various blood donation camps and eye check-up camps, throughout the year, at various places.

CSR Approved Programmes