Deublin Rotary Union: The Best Solution for Your Fluid Transfer System Problem

What is a rotary union?

A rotary union, also known as a rotary joint or swivel joint, is a mechanical device that allows the transfer of fluid (such as water, air, hydraulic fluid, or oil) between stationary pipes or hoses and rotating equipment, such as machinery, tools, or industrial components.

It enables continuous fluid flow while accommodating the rotation of the connected parts, thereby preventing the twisting or tangling of hoses or pipes.

Where are rotary unions used?

Rotary unions are commonly used in various industries, including Manufacturing, Automotive, Steel, Machine Tools, Paper and many others to facilitate processes such as cooling, heating, lubrication, and hydraulic power transmission.

Machine Tools:

Rotary unions are used in milling machines, lathes, and grinding machines for coolant and lubricant transfer.

Steel Manufacturing:

In steel mills, they play a crucial role in continuous casting machines, rolling mills, and other equipment for efficient fluid transfer.

Automotive Manufacturing:

Rotary unions are utilized in assembly line machinery for transferring fluids like hydraulic oil and coolants.

Vehicle Testing Equipment:

In dynamometers and other testing equipment for automobiles.

Paper Manufacturing Machines:

Rotary unions are employed in paper machines for the transfer of steam, water, and other fluids during the paper production process.

Plastic Extrusion Machines:

In machines producing plastic films and sheets.

Injection Molding Machines:

Used for the transfer of cooling fluids.

Packaging Machinery:

Rotary unions facilitate the transfer of air, hydraulic fluids, or water in packaging equipment.

Textile Machines:

Rotary unions are used in dyeing machines, printing machines, and other textile machineries.

Wind Turbines:

Rotary unions are employed in the pitch control system for the transfer of hydraulic fluids.

Oil & Gas:

Rotary unions are utilized in drilling equipment for the transfer of drilling fluids and hydraulic fluids.

General Engineering:

Various machines in general engineering applications, such as indexing tables, machining centers, and rotary tables, use rotary unions for fluid transfer.

What are the range of fluids that Deublin rotary unions are designed to handle?

Deublin rotary unions are engineered to handle a diverse range of fluids, including but not limited to water, air, hydraulic oil, metalworking fluids, steam, vacuum and a variety of other media, showcasing their adaptability across different industrial applications.

What kind of sealing technologies are used in Deublin rotary unions?

Deublin's rotary unions are distinguished by their superior quality, durability, and precision. As the largest manufacturer of Rotary Unions in the world, Deublin ensures reliable performance and efficiency, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of fluid transfer requirements.

1) Pressure Joints:

Pressure joints are sealed by pressure. This classical technology requires a relatively large amount of torque and is suitable only for low pressures (<250 psi or 17 bar).

2) Plastomeric Seals:

Plastomeric rotary unions use custom, or commercially available “soft seals” made from application-specific polymers or elastomers. Because they're lightweight, they exhibit high torque, heat generation and wear rates.

3) Hydrostatic Seals:

Hydrostatic rotary unions provide precise tolerances and no-contact sealing without maintenance. They have a rotating element suspended on a fluid film that circulates continuously at a very low flow rate, which helps prevent they speed of these unions from going too high.

4) Mechanical Seals:

Mechanical seal rotary unions reduce the wear and heat generation on seals, and their extreme accuracy at a wide range of pressures. Their pressure tolerance is up to 140 bars, and they can work at temperatures up to 40,000 RPM. They can also be designed in different ways depending on the desired use.

What types of rotary unions do Maco Corporation offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of rotary unions from Deublin to cater your diverse needs. Our offerings include hydraulic rotary unions for efficient fluid power transmission, pneumatic rotary unions for reliable air transfer, as well as specialized units like steam rotary unions, water rotary unions, coolant rotary unions, and for other fluids. With Deublin, you can find the perfect solution tailored to your specific application requirements.

How do Deublin's rotary unions stand out in the market?

Deublin's rotary unions are distinguished by their superior quality, durability, and precision. As the largest manufacturer of Rotary Unions in the world, Deublin ensures reliable performance and efficiency, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of fluid transfer requirements.

What distinguishes a rotary joint from a rotary union?

While the terms are used interchangeably, in some cases, a rotary joint refers to a broader category allowing rotational movement, whereas a rotary union specifically involves the transfer of fluids.

Who is the official partner of Deublin in India?

As the only official partner of “Deublin Company” in India, Maco Corporation is your dedicated source for high-quality rotary unions. Please be careful from fake products sold by other companies in the name of Deublin.

What kind of industry do Deublin’s rotary unions serve?

Specializing in serving industries such as Steel, Machine Tools, Automotive, Paper, Plastic & Polyfilm, Packaging, Textile, Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, and General Engineering, we also provide tailored solutions to meet your specific fluid transfer requirements.

What factors should be considered when purchasing a rotary union, and how can Maco help you in the selection process?

When buying a rotary union, consider factors such as fluid type, operating pressure, speed, temperature, and specific application requirements. Experienced product managers from Maco Corporation ensure personalized guidance, helping you select the most suitable Deublin rotary union for your needs. And don't forget to check the authority and trustworthiness of the manufacturer, where Deublin has gained recognition worldwide, before purchasing rotary unions.

Can Deublin provide customized solutions for rotary unions?

Absolutely. Deublin offers custom solutions for rotary unions, tailoring products to meet specific requirements. This ensures seamless integration into your industrial processes.

Which locations do you serve with your range of rotary unions?

At Maco Corporation, we've got India covered from every angle. With our headquarters in Kolkata and strategically located offices and warehouses in Delhi, Mumbai, Vadodara, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Bhilai, we've stitched together a network that blankets the entire country. Whether you're in the east, west, north, central, or south, rest assured, we've got your rotary union needs covered with efficiency and excellence.

How can one place an order for a Deublin rotary union product through Maco Corporation?

Placing an order for Deublin rotary unions is straightforward. Contact Maco Corporation directly through email, the toll-free number, enquiry form or reach out to us through live chat on our website.

Our team will guide you through the ordering process, allowing you to specify the required product specifications and quantities.