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DESMET REAGENT PVT. LTD., an ISO 9001:2015 and 18001:2007 certified company, is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Desulphurising reagents and Total Desulphurising management provider for iron and steel.

Since its inception in 2001, the company has continuously pursued a corporate philosophy to provide customer-centric services to steel plants all across India. Their line of activity include import, manufacturing and supply of Fluidised Lime, Calcium Carbide and Magnesium Metal-based reagents for Hot Metal Desulphurisation and Calcium Aluminate flux, with other additives for Steel Desulphurising. Along with it, the company also provides expertise and technical know-how through complete Technical Services and Total Desulphurisation Management.

DESMET has three manufacturing units in strategic location like Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Durg (Chhattisgarh) and Surat (Gujarat).

The manufacturing units of DESMET were established near to customers’ factory sites, with a notion to provide dedicated and comprehensive services. This helped customers to experience optimised benefits from the company’s products, as well as from their application and technical services. It helped the customers to streamline their logistics and receive other economic benefits.

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DESMET’s core strength is the combination of effective, world-class reagents and proficient technical services from a team of highly experienced engineers. Their expertise has helped them establish a consistency in performance, by providing customers with lower reagent consumption, higher strike rate with higher efficiency, lower treatment time, lower temperature drop, granular slag and lower metal loss. This has helped their customers to produce more consistent and higher quality steel with low and ultra-low Sulphur content at lower costs.

DESMET’s highest achievement has been the trust and confidence bestowed upon them by an esteemed client base. The company strives to meet the expectations of customers, investors and partners to nurture a dependable company, in all respects. As they continue to dream and envision, DESMET REAGENT PVT. LTD. continues to pursue and enhance their corporate philosophy for a bright and sustainable future.

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