Koppern Maco Services: Best Briquetting Machine Supplier in India

Koppern Maco Services (KMS), established in 1997, is a joint venture between Maschinenfabrik Koppern GmbH & Co. KG. and Maco Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata. The company encompasses the sales and supply of briquetting machines, as well as customer support for all Koppern products, across India.

The company has its own manufacturing facilities for small Koppern briquetting roller presses, and also produces briquette segments by ECM process, to cover a variety of feed materials. They carry out process engineering services for briquetting and offer a full product-range, extending from individual machines to entire briquetting plants.

KMS became an affiliate member of the International Chromium Development Association (ICDA) in 2014. Since April 1, 2016, KMS is a registered member of the Fertilizer Association of India (FAI).

Koppern Group

Maschinenfabrik Koppern GmbH & Co. KG., founded in 1898 in Hattingen, Germany, is a world leader in the field of Roller Press Technology for Briquetting, Compacting and Comminution. The group is a modern, high-tech establishment at the forefront of plant and machinery manufacturing for various processes related to fertiliser, cement, minerals and metal-working industries.

Koppern’s business is built on three different, but interrelated, process technologies:


Cold and hot briquetting processes, predominantly used for metallurgical applications in Steel and Metal industries.


Process Technology used in the production and granulation of fertilisers, to avoid dust and reduce solubility.


High-pressure grinding for Cement industry, including air classifiers for roller press applications, as well as for size-reduction in Ores and Minerals industries.

To service these geographically widely-spread industries, KMS has developed a comprehensive network of regional subsidiaries, representatives and pilot plant facilities at various locations throughout the world, to ensure the highest possible quality of supply and service, wherever the industrial sites may be.

Basic Activities

  • Manufacturing & Supply of Roller Press for Briquetting of Chrome, DRI, Coke, Coal, etc.

  • Manufacturing & Supply of Compaction Press for Fertiliser application (NPK components)

  • Supply of HPGR / Wear Resistant HEXADUR® tires for Comminution of Cement/ Iron Ore/ Other Minerals

  • Execution of Briquetting Plant & Compaction Granulation Plant Project on Turnkey basis

  • Installation, Commissioning & Troubleshooting of Koppern Roller Presses in India & neighbouring countries

  • Manufacturing of critical spare-parts for customers in India & neighbouring countries

  • Sales of spare-parts for all business sectors of Koppern Products

  • Workshop for re-conditioning of spare-parts for Briquetting application

Valued Customers