Drives & Transmission SBU: For Premium Mechanical Transmission Solutions

The Drives and Transmission SBU of Maco is one of the oldest departments of the company, with a strong foothold in mechanical transmission, power transmission and hydraulic transmission devices and services. What evolved as a partnership with Deublin Co., soon became a full-fledged SBU and, today, caters to some of the biggest names in industrial manufacturing, thus, directly and indirectly catering to a spectrum of industries, ranging from tire manufacturing to plastic polymer, solar power to heavy machinery manufacturing, and textile to rubber tubes, to name a few. The company majorly caters to Steel, Paper and such similar industries.

With a commendable size of product-line already in place, the company is ever-evolving to add more products to its portfolio rapidly. For a better service, Maco maintains a steady stock of standard products related to Drives and Transmission applications for prompt supply to customers in local currency. With a global outreach, the company also has overseas offices for supply directly in foreign currencies

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Headquartered in Illinois, USA, DEUBLIN Co. is the largest manufacturer of ROTATING UNIONS in the World. With manufacturing facilities, sales offices and warehouses located in 17 countries on four continents, Deublin manufactures Rotating Unions for almost endless variety of applications and accommodates a broad range of media, temperatures, pressures and speed. Deublin Co. also owns BARCO brand of Rotating Union and Swivel Joints.

Maco has been partners with Deublin for almost 3 decades and provide them with various types of Rotating Unions and other machine tools. Advanced machining techniques and proprietary processes allow the company to achieve most precise tolerances in the industry and ensure superior union performance and service life. A widespread distribution network allows end users across the globe to receive great service and ensures dependability.


CCM Union (with Hose)

CCM Union (Hoseless)

Roller Table Threaded Union

Hot Coiler Around-The-Shaft Union

Ladle Turret Union

Coiler Mandrel Expanse-Collapse

Coolant Union Pop-OffTM (With Bearing) (903 Series)

Air-Hydraulic 2 Passage Union

Coolant Union Pop-OffTM (With Bearing) (1109 Series)

Multi Passage Union

Coolant Union (with Bearing)

Coolant Union Auto SenseTM

Coolant Union (Bearingless)

SpindleShieldTM Union with Alert system

Threaded / Flanged Union

2 1/2” / 3” Union For Water

6000 Series For Water

Swivel Joints

FSU Union with Siphon System at Dryer

Steam & Hot Oil

Barco Series Union

EATON Airflex products are designed for demanding applications that require high torque and horsepower absorption as well as precise controllability. EATON Airflex, the most recognized name in industrial CLUTCH and BRAKE, is a part of Eaton Hydraulics Group, headquartered in Cleveland, OH. For more than 40 years, the company has been providing superior drivetrain products through continuous innovation, to meet industry requirements. With global operations—including manufacturing, sales and distribution—spanning multiple continents worldwide, a dedicated team and unmatched services helps develop customized solutions for all kinds of individual needs.

MACO has been associated with Eaton as a strong partner to increase their outreach, as well as credibility. With MACO’s expertise, in addition to the high-quality product line of Eaton Airflex, has helped a great number of industrial companies to provide better services. The company’s products are so extensively used on all types of industrial machinery - from equipment to locate and mine raw materials to machines to produce consumer goods.


VC Clutch for Ball Mill

Brake - DBA for Dragline

Brake - DBA for Electric Shovel

Water Cooled Break Discs for Draw-Works

Type CB for Tyre Building Machine –

JAURE and KOP-FLEX are the leading brands of COUPLING being a part of REGAL BELOIT PTS, headquartered in Florence KY. Jaure and Kop-flex specialize in manufacturing customized MILL DUTY COUPLINGS, GEAR SPINDLES, BARREL COUPLINGS & TURBO MACHINERY COUPLINGS. They have manufacturing units in Spain, Slovakia, China, USA, Canada, Mexico and Engineering Centre located in India.

MACO has been a trusted partner for Jaure’s product line and provides the company’s products across various industries, coupled with their own service backing. Jaure Barrel Couplings provide a larger advantage over Gear Coupling in Crane applications, including a higher threshold of radial & axial misalignment, lesser bending stress than gear couplings and more compact drives system. The couplings are used across all major industry segments with optimum efficiency and reliability.





GELENKWELLENWERK, GmBH is the leading manufacturer of GEWES make CARDAN SHAFTS since 1942, located in Stadtilm, Germany. It is among Europe’s most experienced manufacturers of Industrial Cardan Shafts, also known as U-Joints, for a variety of applications. GEWES Cardanshafts are weight-optimised, energy-efficient and high-performaning, developed by using advanced methods and FEM calculations to provide optimal tube wall strengths and diameters for high torsion and bending resistance.

MACO provides its customers the best Cardan Shafts, manufactured by GEWES. Made from tempered steel and case-hardened steel, the calibrated precision steel tubes are used for particularly demanding situations. All materials used fulfil the requirements for marine classification and rail vehicle applications. GEWES Cardan shafts are further characterized by low-maintenance components and low maintenance costs over the entire product life cycle.

Roll Drive at Hot Strip Mill

Established in 1980, FORMOSA is the market leader in the production of customized GEAR BOXES, having license from Renk Tacke, Germany. Equipped with state-of-the-art machine tools, FORMOSA GEAR PLANT, based in Taiwan is a part of Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation (FHI Group). It is renowned worldwide for manufacturing both Reducers and Increasers and supplies a wide range of products for various industries including Cement, Steel, Petrochemical, Paper, Sugar, Rubber and Plastic, to name a few.

MACO provides its expertise and services, along with the product range offered by Formosa, to its customers. Being a trusted partner for Formosa, the company helps in reaching out to the farthest corners of India through their own well-connected distribution network. Formosa Gear produces and supplies gearing products designed for maximum reliability and performance.

Plate Mill Crop Shear

AOD Converter Gear Reducer

Hot Strip Mill Main Gear Reducer

Hot Strip Mill Pinion Stand

Bar Rod Billet Mill H-Type Gearbox

Bar Rod Billet Mill V-Type Gearbox

Conveyor Drive System Gearbox

KOBA is the market leader in the deceleration technology, manufacturing SHOCK ABSORBERS, and headquartered in Gasan-Dong, Seoul, Korea. They provide various solutions for shock absorption, anti-vibration and rate control through advanced deceleration technology, constant research & development and reliable quality assurance. Along with high-quality products and lower maintenance costs, KOBA Shock Absorbers increase the life cycle of machinery due to reduction of shock and vibration, while enabling them to work at higher operating speeds and conduct safer operations due to protection of machinery and equipment by reliable and controlled deceleration.

MACO is a trusted supplier of the KOBA manufactured product-range in India and provides customers with highest quality services. The Shock Absorbers provide controlled, predictable deceleration by absorbing the shock and vibration from production facilities, thus, protecting them from destruction, frequent collisions and wearing due to vibration. Along with a dedicated and widespread service and distribution network, MACO helps its customers to receive the best value from these shock absorbers and buffers at the lowest costs.


KHG Series (Gas Return)

KHS Series (Spring Return)

KES Series


Fog, covering the earth, growing forests and moistening the air, has always been closely related to our lives. Crops essential to our life grow by absorbing moisture from the air, as well as their roots. Fog plays a part in converting undergrowth and fallen leaves into organic fertilizer. Additionally, textile production’s weaving techniques were developed in areas near rivers, because the river’s fog produced the proper humidity needed. Today, fog plays an important role in quality improvements of electronic device manufacturing and printing. Fog serves to improve the global environment, from combating global warming, to dust pollution control. It is our mission to design and provide high-quality fog spraying systems to contribute to our industries, and to mankind.

MACO provides its expertise and services, along with the product range offered by ikeuchi, to its customers. Being a trusted partner for ikeuchi, the company helps in reaching out to the farthest corners of India through their own well-connected distribution network. ikeuchi Industrial Spray Nozzle and Humidification System designed for maximum reliability and performance.




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