The Railway SBU was established in 2008 with a dedicated team of engineers to serve Indian Railways . The SBU was focused on providing machinery spares for locomotives and coaches . Gradually Railway SBU started providing maintenance and service jobs for various items like Air Compressors, Pumps, Bearings and Track Machines etc. Today this SBU has the capability to take up turnkey job like In-Situ Flash Butt Welding , Overhauling of Air Compressor and many more. All the Zonal Railways , Production Units , Loco Sheds and RITES India are active customers.

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Founded in 2003, Chengdu Aigre Technology Co.Ltd. (Aigre Tech.) is a high-tech company belonging to SWJTU industry group, located in Chengdu Modern Industrial Park. Aigre Tech. has experienced the development of digestion, absorption and re-creation of the rail welding equipment. Thanks to that, more than 100 high-tech products with independent proprietary rights and strong market competitiveness have been developed. Their equipment have been widely applied to construction project of seamless track for rail transit such as high-speed railway, heavy haul railway, urban subway, light rail, etc.

Maco provides the Indian Railways with the necessary technology and products from Chengdu Aigre to cater to all their demands.

Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machine for Long rails

Rail pre & post straightening machine

Rail Derusting Machine

Daido Industrial Bearings Europe Limited based in llminster, Somerset, UK who manufactures Plain Bearings, Bushings, Thrust Bearings, Turbocharger Bearings for HHP Diesel Locomotives and a range of other rotating, reciprocating machines.

Turbocharger Bearing

Eaton is diversified power management company providing energy efficient solutions that help their customers effectively. The company is a global technology leader in electrical products for power quality, distribution and control, power transmission, lighting and wiring products.

MACO has been associated with Eaton as a strong partner to increase their outreach, as well as credibility. Maco provides the Indian Railways with high-quality products from Eaton and back it up with service and maintenance.

AC control contactors

Gardner Denver has been manufacturing Air Compressors and Compressor-Exhausters for Diesel Electric Locomotive since 1935. Locomotive compressors perform the critical function of operating the air or vacuum braking systems and other accessories in the locomotive. These includes 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder, and 6 cylinder models. Gardner Denver currently offers both Water-Cooled and Air-Cooled Compressors for a variety of locomotive applications. Maco provides Indian Railways with high quality locomotive air compressors from Gardner Denver and supports them with required Spares , Services , maintenance and overhauling of compressors.

Air Compressors

Apical Division-Kaneka North America LLC has improved upon traditional Polyimide Film to provide a product and service that are unequaled. APICAL is a ultra-heat-resistant polyimide film that has been developed through the company’s own studies using a wealth of their unique high polymer technologies. Various industries consistently rely upon the extraordinary properties of APICAL Polyimide as an integral part of their product design. These industries include flexible printed circuits, wire and cable, motors, generators and transformers, pressure sensitive tape, and specialty fabricated products.

Kaneka Apical Polyimide Films are widely used in Indian Railways locomotive traction motors and is provided to them by Maco.

APICAL® Polyimide Film

Since 1948, Kepner Products Company has pioneered the design and manufacture of high-quality flow control valves, featuring the Flexible Seal Seat(TM). Kepner products offer dependable zero leakage control (bubble-tight) for a wide variety of fluids in check, relief, shuttle, and pilot-operated check functions. Kepner valves are ued in all types of industries including power generation, agriculture, medical equipment, chemical processing, printing, transportation, robotics, HVAC systems, and many others.

These valves are required by the Indian Railways and are supplied to them through Maco.

Flow Control Valves

Kiene Diesel Accessories , Inc. is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Their products are Cylinder Pressure Indicator, Indicator Valves, V-Line Indicator Valve and its Adapters to measure firing and pressures in large-bore diesel and natural gas engines and gas compressors. Maco is a supplier of Keine products for the Indian Railways and provide all the necessary services and distribution of the products across India.

High Pressure Indicator Valves

Miller Ingenuity is the leading manufacturer and distributor of rail parts and has designed and manufactured locomotive , rail car, traction motor, bogie, truck, combo and gear case parts. Miller Felpax is the original inventor and manufacturer of traction motor lubricators and traction motor gear case seals. Their products are Gasket, Washer & Tube. Maco is exclusive supplier of Miller products to Indian Railways.


Tube Asm

Washer Special

Since 1962, Ontario Drives & Gears has been manufacturing quality precision gears and transmissions. For over 50 years ODG have always put our customers first by exceeding their expectations for quality, delivery and cost. ODG’s commitment to high quality gears and transmissions is backed by the latest manufacturing technology and a team of professionals dedicated to excellence. Maco supply Shaft Carrier to Indian Railways for HHP Diesel Locomotive.

Planetary Carrier Shafts

Input Shaft

Bogie Gear Set

Compressor Gears

The Schlatter Group is a world leader in plant manufacturing for resistance welding machines and weaving machines for special applications. They are the leading system provider in the wire industry, track construction and the PMC industry for over 100 years. The continuous development towards becoming an engineering company for complex system solutions requires a clear focus. Right from the start, Schlatter’s key to success was uniting mechanical engineers, welding experts, electricians and software specialists under one roof. From this emerged Schlatter’s three core competences, welding technology, mechatronics and system technology.

Mobile and stationary flash butt welding machines and stand-alone systems for railway tracks

Shandong Zhiheng Vibration Damping Tech Co., Ltd, formerly called as Ningjin Mechanical Spring Factory in 1989, was established in July 2005. Its major products are CRH springs, passenger coach springs, Metro springs and all kinds of mechanical engineering springs. Its “GongRouTe” CRH spring is honored as Shandong Brand Name product. The company has 6 spring production lines. In June 1999, the company was appointed by the Railway Locomotives & Vehicles Company and Transportation Bureau of China Railway Ministry as a designated railway spring manufacturer (production code DNJ). In June 2002, the company passed through ISO9001:2000 certification and is now the strongest, fully qualified company among the seven designated domestic companies. It is the key qualified supplier for CSR & CNR’s 20 manufacturing and maintenance plants, and is also a qualified supplier for the 18 China Railway Bureaus.

Maco Provides the Indian Railways with the high quality Shandong springs as required and looks after the distribution in the Indian sub-continent.

Helical springs for rolling stock

Since its inception, VRC Industries have developed a strong customer and knowledge base in the locomotive, industrial and military sectors. Each sector presents their own specific needs and requirements. VRC’s products are Water Pump and Water Pump Repair Kit. Maco is the trusted and exclusive supplier of VRC Make Water Pump & Water Pump Repair Kit to Indian Railways for HHP Diesel Locomotive.

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