Air Compressors

The Gardner Denver compressor design incorporates valves that are reliable, highly efficient, easy to access, and quick to replace. To reduce service intervals, the crankcase has been designed with a larger oil capacity for longer oil life, as well as reduced maintenance through lower oil temperatures. The compressors are built with a full flow, spin-on oil filter for improved life and reliability. The compressor design includes a gear-driven positive displacement oil pump that provides pressurized lubrication under all operating conditions including low idle speeds. These compressors have been designed to perform in harsh environments such as tropical heat, desert sandstorms, monsoons and arctic cold.

  • Choice of air or water cooled compressors. Water cooled models have cylinders and valve pockets fully jacketed for maximum heat dissipation.
  • Welded plate intercooler for reduced weight and better leakage control.
  • Pistons, rings and cylinders are designed for optimum oil control. Cylinders are manufactured to gauge quality roundness, with tolerances measured in millionths of an inch. Exclusive Gardner Denver piston and piston ring design significantly reduces oil carry over into the air stream.
  • Rifle drilled connecting rods provide pressurized lubrication to the wrist pin for low speed operation.
  • Ductile iron crankshaft, single or double ended, is precision designed and supported by large tapered roller bearings, with drive gear for the oil pump. Bearings have a B-10 life of 75,000 hours.
  • Full flow, spin on oil filter for improved life and reliability.
  • Large oil capacity crankcase prolongs oil life and reduces maintenance costs by lowering oil temperatures.
  • Float style oil level gauge for positive oil level indication. Oil level dipstick is optional.
  • Positive displacement oil pump, gear driven by the compressor crankshaft, provides pressurized lubrication under all operating conditions, including low idle speed.
  • Low lift valves for improved volumetric efficiency and reliability at high engine speeds. Both traditional and concentric valve options are available.
  • Low maintenance unloaders.

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