The Mining SBU of MACO Corp Pvt. Ltd. (India) came into existence around 2005, to cater to the growing demand of the Mining industry. However, MACO had been dealing with the supply and servicing of high-quality spares and products for mining companies from a very early period. The SBU is one of the biggest spares and services provider for Indian companies, both Private as well as Government. With engineering solutions from world-renowned manufacturers, including ANSUL, USA brand fire suppression solution for off-road vehicles, Clutch & Brakes (Eaton Airflex, USA), Jump Starters (Ceteor, Belgium), Ground Engaging Tools (ESCO, USA) and refuge chambers (Minearc, Australia) MACO remains the one-stop solution for all kinds of service requirements for mining.

Our principals

MACO provides a complete range of fire protection solutions for all kinds of off-road vehicles, from the product-line of ANSUL, USA. With their services spread across India, the company provides everything from fire automation detection and suppression systems, to a complete line of wheeled and hand portable fire extinguishers, for underground as well as open-cast mining sites, as per the requirements.

Ansul, USA is one of the world leaders in manufacturing of fire suppression systems, Fire Protection Services, extinguishers and safety products. Founded in 1915, the company has a well-renowned customer-base. The US Government is one of the biggest customers of Ansul. The Ansul Fire School in Wisconsin, USA, is a fire school under Ansul, founded in 1940, which trains students in hands-on firefighting.

The MACO special hazard fire protection range of products include:

A-101 off-road mobile equipment fire suppression system

The A-101 off-road mobile equipment fire suppression system is an automatic/manual system, highly effective for a fast flame knockdown. The system provides protection for large, off-road type mining and construction equipment, as well as underground mining equipment and specialty vehicles. The brute force required to protect these heavy equipment is provided by the system, by maintaining a constant pressure throughout the entire discharge.

Dry Chemical System

Liquid Vehicle System (LVS)

INERGEN Gas System

Eaton Airflex are the world leaders of industrial Clutches and Braking systems, required in different types of Mining Equipment, and have been the trusted original suppliers to all Global Mining Equipment OEMs’ like BEML, HEC, Marion, Bucyrus International, Caterpillar, Terex etc.

Maco is the authorized supplier of complete Clutch & Braking Solutions for Eaton Airflex. The state-of-the-art braking systems, fitted on electric motors are used for various purpose, including crowd applications, hoist applications, drag applications, swing applications and propel applications.

Airflex Brakes

MineARC Systems, Australia is the global leader in the manufacture and supply of emergency safe refuge solutions for the mining, tunneling, chemical processing and disaster relief industries, with a presence in more than 40 countries worldwide. All MineARC Refuge Chambers and Safe Havens comply with the highest international regulations and recognized ‘world’s best practice’ industry guidelines. MineARC is the only refuge chambers manufacturer in the world with an ISO:9001 quality rating.

MACO provides the most advanced technology in Refuge chambers for underground mining work, with the state-of-the-art MineARC refuge chambers. These chambers are designed to provide a refuge or ‘safe haven’ for miners while working underground, in case of being trapped in a hazardous or toxic environment.



Rock Bolt Cutter

EnviroLAV Toilets

SiriUS Cap Lamp

Stench Gas System

CETEOR (Belgium), a subsidiary of Schumacher Electric, the leading designer and manufacturer of battery chargers and inverters, is a global leader for manufacturing and sales of retail & Professional Power-conversion products. The products are specifically designed for professional and heavy duty use, and find their application for various vehicles like passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, etc. They also find applications in construction, military, aviation, marine and agricultural domains as such.

MACO provides world-class battery booster packs and heavy-duty jump starters of Ceteor, for recovery of all types of breakdown vehicles with partially or completely flat batteries. The product range offers a solution for each professional working on 6V, 12V, 24V vehicles & 28V, 36V, 48V, 72V and 110V (industrial & locomotives) batteries for all kinds of construction equipment and specialty vehicles in the mining sector.

Ceteor Jump Starter

Esco Corp., A subsidiary of Weir Group Division, is one of the worlds most trusted names in manufacturing and engineering of critical equipment used in Mining and Infrastructure. It is the #1 leader of tooth systems globally and provides all kinds of expert support for its customers working with dragline and excavator buckets, crusher wear parts, shearer drums and other affiliated products used in the mining and infrastructure industry.

MACO is an authorized dealer for the sales and supply of ProFill® dragline buckets, a flagship product of ESCO Corporation. ESCO products are trusted at mines worldwide for improved productivity and safety by engineering the most efficient bucket geometry and rigging arrangement for specific applications. The ESCO ProFill® dragline buckets perform consistently across the wide variety of digging conditions in a mine plan. A proven performer, ProFill buckets fill faster, use less drag energy and deliver exceptional productivity, even in challenging above-tub applications. Each bucket is custom-engineered to pick up quicker and hang more vertically when dumping.

ProFill® Dragline Bucket

ESCO - dragline Chains

ProLink - Mechanical Repair Dragline Chain

SV2 Mining Tooth system

Hard-rock dredging

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