Ansul Fire Suppression Systems: For Complete Fire Protection

Maco provides a complete range of fire protection solutions for all kinds of off-road vehicles, from the product-line of ANSUL, USA. With their services spread across India, the company provides everything from fire automation detection and suppression systems, to a complete line of wheeled and hand portable fire extinguishers, for underground as well as open-cast mining sites, as per the requirements.

Ansul, USA is one of the world leaders in manufacturing of fire suppression systems, Fire Protection Services, extinguishers and safety products. Founded in 1915, the company has a well-renowned customer-base. The US Government is one of the biggest customers of Ansul. The Ansul Fire School in Wisconsin, USA, is a fire school under Ansul, founded in 1940, which trains students in hands-on firefighting.

The Maco special hazard fire protection range of products include:

A-101 off-road mobile equipment fire suppression system

The A-101 off-road mobile equipment fire suppression system is an automatic/manual system, highly effective for a fast flame knockdown. The system provides protection for large, off-road type mining and construction equipment, as well as underground mining equipment and specialty vehicles. The brute force required to protect these heavy equipment is provided by the system, by maintaining a constant pressure throughout the entire discharge.

Dry Chemical System

Liquid Vehicle System (LVS)

INERGEN Gas System