Koba Shock Absorber & Visco Elastic Buffer : Increase the Life Cycle of Your Machines

KOBA is the market leader in the deceleration technology, manufacturing SHOCK ABSORBERS, and headquartered in Gasan-Dong, Seoul, Korea. They provide various solutions for shock absorption, anti-vibration and rate control through advanced deceleration technology, constant research & development and reliable quality assurance. Along with high-quality products and lower maintenance costs, KOBA Shock Absorbers increase the life cycle of machinery due to reduction of shock and vibration, while enabling them to work at higher operating speeds and conduct safer operations due to protection of machinery and equipment by reliable and controlled deceleration.

MACO is a trusted supplier of the KOBA manufactured product-range in India and provides customers with highest quality services. The Shock Absorbers provide controlled, predictable deceleration by absorbing the shock and vibration from production facilities, thus, protecting them from destruction, frequent collisions and wearing due to vibration. Along with a dedicated and widespread service and distribution network, MACO helps its customers to receive the best value from these shock absorbers and buffers at the lowest costs.


KHG Series (Gas Return)

KHS Series (Spring Return)

KES Series