Schlatter Maco India Private Limited: A Indo-Swiss Joint Venture

Schlatter Maco India Private Limited is a joint venture established between Schlatter Industries AG, Switzerland and Maco Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The sole purpose of our company is to provide our existing customers of Flash Butt Welding machines with uninterrupted techno commercial support, timely spare parts supply and comprehensive operations and maintenance services. Schlatter Maco India Pvt. Ltd. will also be responsible for marketing, sales, installation, commissioning and provide complete plant solution for rail and mesh welding in India, Bangladesh & Srilanka.

About Schlatter worldwide

Founded in 1916 in Switzerland, the Schlatter Group is a world leader in plant manufacturing, providing resistance welding systems (Flash Butt Welding) as well as weaving and finishing machines for specific industrial solutions.

In the product area rails, the Schlatter Group manufactures stationary and mobile rail welding systems. The flash butt welding method used in this process has proven to be the most reliable joining technology with the lowest fault rates. Compared to other joining techniques, flash butt welding of profiles with large cross-sections, such as those used for railway tracks, offers tremendous economic benefits and quality advantages. The welding process is monitored by state-of-the-art control technology, which yields reproducible and well documented high-quality welds.

In the reinforcing mesh sector, the Schlatter Group specializes in the construction of plants for the efficient production of industrial, fencing mesh and reinforced steel mesh with simple or complex structures in small and large lots sizes.

With more than 150 machines installed worldwide, we are the pioneers of the most trusted FBW machines one can buy.

Schlatter Activities

Installation & commissioning
Operation & Maintenance, AMC
Emergency/Shutdown services
Spare part support
Plant Engineering & consultancy
Assembly & Localization

Our goal is to increase our customers’ productivity and to extend their systems’ service life. We will be happy to arrange a personal consultation meeting and work out a custom-tailored service package for you.

Valued Customer Base