Company Profile

IMS Maco Services Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in India, in 2005, as a joint venture between Maco Corporation and IMS Germany. With its head office located in Heiligenhaus, Germany, the company is a global leader in developing and producing isotope, X-ray and optical measuring systems for industrial use in steel, aluminium and metal industries and a trusted partner in the application of innovative measurement technology.

IMS measuring systems are designed for online non-contact operation with high precision X-ray, isotope and optical systems in the measurements of:

  • Thickness & Profile

  • Edge Defects & Pin Holes Detection

  • Wedge & Crown, Edge Drop, Flatness

  • Tube Wall Thickness & Eccentricity

  • Width, Position of Material

  • Tube Diameter & Ovality

  • Slab Dimension

  • Coating Thickness & Profile

  • Surface Inspection for Slabs, Coils & Long Products

Moving across boundaries, IMS Maco has established a global footprint, with a strong client-base of some world-renowned organisations. A widespread coverage of the company in Europe, America and Asia, ensures an unbroken chain of service throughout the world. Along with high-quality products and services, the benefits of excellent communications and local support for international projects are an integral part of the company’s offerings.


Engineering Experience

As global leaders in measuring systems, IMS Maco distinguishes itself through its foresight and a visionary approach towards the future. Accepting challenges and deriving optimised solutions comes naturally to the company through a mix-&-match of experience, expertise and technological advantage.

Wider Outreach

Through a 360o lateral outlook, the IMS Maco team specialises in Installation and Commissioning, even in the most challenging situations and places. Being up-to-date with the latest happenings in their domain, they are able to understand, analyse and respond in the fastest manner.

Strong Ancillary Support

The company provides end-to-end support services for its customers, including several variants of maintenance and service contracts, so as to fit the requirements of their clients and to give them the best ROI on their investments, in the most optimised ways.

Long-Term Relations

The company has a well-known reputation, amongst its clients, for maintaining cordial professional relationships. No wonder then, that all 20 of the ‘20 Largest Steel, Aluminium and Copper Producers’ trust IMS and choose IMS as their partners.

IMS has a very strong belief in quality and an equal passion for precision, to match it. Their technical competency, accumulated as a result of constant improvements and dedicated efforts, paired with modern technology, enables the company to implement high-end custom-built and needs-orientated solutions. The Competence and Training Centre (CTC) – their in-house academy is a place where highly qualified internal and external professionals provide training to IMS staff and customers alike.

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