Mobile and stationary flash butt welding machines and stand-alone systems for railway tracks

Stationary rail welding systems are mainly used in large welding plants for joining short rails to long rails. Furthermore, components for switch construction can be welded. The Schlatter welding machines are the heart of this welding process and can be supplemented with additional machines to create a complete system.

  • System GAAS80
    The GAAS80 welds short rails of any length to long welded rails up to 500 m lengths and even longer. Its main feature is the exact lateral alignment of the running edge and vertical alignment of the running surface. The web clamping device is independent from the electrodes and it ensures the rails do not slip during upsetting. Directly after completion of the welding process the integrated deburring device removes the burr.
  • System GAA100
    The GAA100 is used for welding components in turnout manufacturing plants. The wide welding range allows high quality welding of nearly all types of components used for turnouts. The four clamping units with 1000 kN force each ensure that the parts do not slip during upsetting. Worldwide the GAA100 successfully welds high resistant manganese frogs with rails with the intermediate stainless steel insert.

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