APICAL® Polyimide Film

Apical ® Corona Resistant Polyimide 100CR and L50CR11 is a high temperature Polyimide. The CR series has excellent thermal and Electrical stability over the long life of any motor. Apical ® 100CR and L50CR11 is designed to withstand the compounding conditions and form strong interfacial bonding with many materials. The polymer will remain stable during extended high temperature continuous use conditions.

  • Excellent combination of mechanical, physical, chemical and electrical properties in a broad range of temperatures.
  • High heat resistance over a long period of time. High thermal index (240⁰C-Electrical)
  • Excellent flame retardancy (UL94V-O)
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Isotropically controlled properties
  • Broad temperature cycling range (-270⁰C to 400⁰C)
  • Superior dielectric strength of 7800v/mil

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