AC control contactors

AC control contactors from Eaton’s Electrical Sector are perfect for auxiliary systems such as control applications (e.g., air compressors, radiator fans, blower motor fans) in locomotive and rapid transit systems. Eaton’s family of land transportation AC control contactors is designed to meet the demanding shock, vibration and temperature requirements of railway systems and off-highway vehicle applications. These contactors are field proven in various transportation applications. Eaton’s rugged, high-performance AC control contactors are excellent for industries demanding reliable control devices.

    Benefits & Values:
  • Long-life twin break contacts provide excellent conductivity and resistance to welding and arc erosion
  • 74 Vdc encapsulated special-purpose coils for protection against corrosion, foreign material, moisture contamination and physical damage. Other voltages also available
  • Screw-type or fasten control terminals on the auxiliary contacts are ideal for connections in railway and petrochemical systems applications
  • Power terminals easily accept ring lugs or bus bar connections
  • Contactors are field proven in various transportation applications

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