Turbocharger Bearing

Motor vehicles of all types must meet increasingly strict fuel consumption and environmental regulations. As a result, the market demands downsized turbocharged engines. Turbochargers are used not only on diesel engines, but also gasoline engines in a wide range of vehicles from light weight automobiles to heavy-duty trucks. We supply bearings for high-performance turbochargers to meet the demand the smaller engines and improved engine speed and responsiveness.

  • Bearing Compressor sfd
  • Bearing Spherical Seal
  • Bearing Turbine
  • Bearing
  • Main Brg Upper Inter
  • Bearing Main Lower
  • Main Brg Upper Centre
  • Bearing Con rod Upper
  • Bearing Main Lower
  • Main Brg Upper
  • Bearing Main Centre Lower
  • Bearing Insert
  • Bearing Conrod Lower

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