VC Clutch for Ball Mill

Airflex VC is specifically designed and built for severe clutch or brake applications in which large inertia loads and sustained slippage would normally result in loss of torque and reduced operating life. When compared with conventional clutches they offer ventilated construction for rapid heat dissipation, high starting loads, sustained slippage, improved efficiency, extended operating life and smaller diameters with lower contact velocity.

  • Used in Ball mill for Iron, Aluminium refining
  • Used in FGD System for Limestone grinding in Power Plants
  • Can be used as both Clutch & Brake on heavy duty equipment
  • Unmatched for high starting loads
  • Ventilated construction dissipates heat rapidly
  • Introduction of HEVC achieving 9000 ft-lb/in2 energy capacity
  • Torque Capacities* Upto: 15,189,000 Ib•in, 1.706.629 N•m
  • Typical Applications: Grinding mills, marine propulsion, metalforming machinery, oil & gas machinery
  • Standard Sizes:
    • Narrow Sizes: 11.5VC500, 14VC500, 16VC600, 20VC600, 24VC650, 28VC650, 33VC650, 35VC650, 37VC650, 42VC650
    • Wide Sizes: 12VC1000, 14VC1000, 16VC1000, 20VC1000, 24VC1000, 28VC1000, 32VC1000, 38VC1200, 42VC1200, 46VC1200, 52VC1200, 51VC1600, 60VC1600, 66VC1600, 76VC1600, and 76VC2000

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