Headquartered in Illinois, USA, DEUBLIN Co. is the largest manufacturer of ROTATING UNIONS in the World. With manufacturing facilities, sales offices and warehouses located in 17 countries on four continents, Deublin manufactures Rotating Unions for almost endless variety of applications and accommodates a broad range of media, temperatures, pressures and speed. Deublin Co. also owns BARCO brand of Rotating Union and Swivel Joints.

Maco has been partners with Deublin for almost 3 decades and provide them with various types of Rotating Unions and other machine tools. Advanced machining techniques and proprietary processes allow the company to achieve most precise tolerances in the industry and ensure superior union performance and service life. A widespread distribution network allows end users across the globe to receive great service and ensures dependability.


CCM Union (with Hose)

CCM Union (Hoseless)

Roller Table Threaded Union

Hot Coiler Around-The-Shaft Union

Ladle Turret Union

Coiler Mandrel Expanse-Collapse

Coolant Union Pop-OffTM (With Bearing) (903 Series)

Air-Hydraulic 2 Passage Union

Coolant Union Pop-OffTM (With Bearing) (1109 Series)

Multi Passage Union

Coolant Union (with Bearing)

Coolant Union Auto SenseTM

Coolant Union (Bearingless)

SpindleShieldTM Union with Alert system

Threaded / Flanged Union

2 1/2” / 3” Union For Water

6000 Series For Water

Swivel Joints

FSU Union with Siphon System at Dryer

Steam & Hot Oil

Barco Series Union

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