Established in 1980, FORMOSA is the market leader in the production of customized GEAR BOXES, having license from Renk Tacke, Germany. Equipped with state-of-the-art machine tools, FORMOSA GEAR PLANT, based in Taiwan is a part of Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation (FHI Group). It is renowned worldwide for manufacturing both Reducers and Increasers and supplies a wide range of products for various industries including Cement, Steel, Petrochemical, Paper, Sugar, Rubber and Plastic, to name a few.

MACO provides its expertise and services, along with the product range offered by Formosa, to its customers. Being a trusted partner for Formosa, the company helps in reaching out to the farthest corners of India through their own well-connected distribution network. Formosa Gear produces and supplies gearing products designed for maximum reliability and performance.

Plate Mill Crop Shear

AOD Converter Gear Reducer

Hot Strip Mill Main Gear Reducer

Hot Strip Mill Pinion Stand

Bar Rod Billet Mill H-Type Gearbox

Bar Rod Billet Mill V-Type Gearbox

Conveyor Drive System Gearbox

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