Access-Platform Basket Spider Lift 18.90

Gone are the days of scaffolding which had been a staple for any modern high rise or infrastructural construction. Themain limitation was their execution time as well their overall rigidity of the structure when more than one construction worker operated simultaneously. There were many severe incidents of critical injuries, thereby raising the concern of safety and delaying overall progress of the project taken.

Modern design has led to the invention of stable heavy-duty lifts. Platform Basket, an Italybased manufacturing-based company specializes in developing some of the most innovative lifts the world has ever seen. Their Spider-Lift line up of specialized lifts have been in use for the last decade very successfully by big building projects and modern corporations with tons of positive feedback.

They are well accredited for their safety standards, reliability, and state of the art modern piece of technology. They are widely popular for the purposes of reliable high access and aerial lift works.

Let us walkthrough one of their products in their ‘Spider-Lift’ line up. It is called the Spider 18.90.

The Spider 18.90 has a maximum reachable vertical height of around 18 meters and a side outreach of 9.20 meters. The term ‘Spider’ corresponds to the fact that all the lift in this product segment has spider-like 4 or 6 arms that are non-traditional as compared to heavy lifts that had continuous big wheels and arms, which caused unwanted floor wear and damage due to the incurring stresses when the machine is operating. The spider lifts are coherently designed to operate smoothly, reliably as well as keep minimum contact with the flat ground surface for optimal balance as well as work stability.

To move this rather portable construction lift, any type of trailer does the work just fine. These usually take much less space than most traditional lifts and cranes which have little mobility.

Speaking of core technical specifications, this spider lift runs on a combination of either DC/AC electric motors with an inject from a Diesel combustion engine, all inbuilt around the base of the lift, giving higher centre of mass towards the bottom, elevating the balance and rigidity.

The most use for this type of lift are for construction of large bungalows, villas, homes as well as large domes that are used as big greenhouses. A liquid cooled KUBOTA diesel engine model is also available. There is a convenient jib attached at the end of the boom arm that is versatile without any restrictions of load as such.

Thanks to the aerial tracked system, the positioning of the jib and the basket can be done with higher degree of precision and the overall construction time reduces significantly. This results in a lower overall construction fee, thus more and more modern companies are buying or renting these state-of-the-art aerial spider lifts from Platform Basket.