Top 5 Reasons to Use DURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite mats in Your project

There is no doubt that DURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite mats are making construction sites access easy and safe. If you are feeling confused to choose the best mat for your next project, then here are the five amazing reasons for using DURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite mats that will surely convince you. let’s go through the following points—

Composite mats make your work site safe and stable:

Though there are countless reasons to use DURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite mats in your projectsites, however, among them the most important one is its power to make any unstable land a safe surface for using any heavy construction machine or working on that place. TheDURA-BASE Heavy-Dutycomposite mats have interlocking mechanism to disperse the applied load evenly on a given surface.

It reduces your project cost:

You never know what is coming next, and you cannot expect a stable work zone every time. A safe land is always the best place for construction in many ways. On the other hand, a weak or unstable land can increase your project cost and risk in many ways. You can easily cut down on extra machine shipping costs by using the DURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite mat. The DURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite mats will provide a stable and safe surface for your construction machines.

It has minimum environmental impact:

These mats are environment friendly as these mats accelerate the natural growth of the project sites after the operational activities are over. These mats will not degrade or rot. You can easily remove and clean them with water when the job is done. (Please refer to the attached case study on the next page).

TheDURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite matshave excellent Strength to Weight Characteristics:

Another reason to useDURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite mats on project sites is, these have superior strength to weight characteristic. For instance, steel plates having similar dimension are multiple times heavier than the DURA-BASE Heavy-Duty composite mats, resulting in easier handling in the project sites. Furthermore, it will also reduce the operational cost towards the labor, equipment and transportation.

Durable than any other method:

If you are thinking about using temporary land fill, temporary ground compaction, temporary hard stands in your projectsites, then it should also be considered that, the conventional solutions might not be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and generally frequent rework is needed resulting in more OPEX and ultimately COST and TIME OVERRUN. Hope after reading the points you are sure to find the best mat for your construction site. For premium quality composite mats, MACO is the best solution. It is a reliable seller and manufacturer of all types of construction materials.