Reasons to Use Composite Mats for Transmission and Distribution Projects

Every construction related project work involves safety concerns. Utility crew might feel less confident when coming across various hassles while working on a remote site. Using the right type of ground surface protection can reduce the risk and other issues to a significant level.

Rough, uneven, soggy, muddy ways are difficult for machinery, vehicles, and workers too. These difficult lands and ways are enough to spoil work time and expensive machinery. Safe conditions for the working team and even land for the equipment and vehicles are the top priority in all work sites.

Transmission and distribution projects may need to be extra careful about their crews and machines. To remove these mentioned hazards in the work site, maximum power companies prefer to use a top-quality composite mat. In this blog post, a few reasons to use composite mats in transmission and distribution projects are shared. Let us give a brief understanding:

What are composite mats?

Composite mats are a kind of artificial roadways or paths to support uneven, muddy, unstable bases for heavy-duty work sites. These are the best alternative to create a path for transportation, roadways, and a base for landing heavy machinery. These mats are made with high-density polyethylene, which poses great strength and durability. Composite mats help in creating a path in remote sites and offer security to workers. Composite mats can be used in different places, such as—

  • Creating alternative ways over unstable, soft ground.
  • Can be used as temporary roadways.
  • Can be used to place heavy machines.
  • Helps in the protection of prepared subgrade.

Here are the advantages of using composite mats on the work site—

It has a minimal environmental impact:

Different projects use various types of chemicals, oils, and gases for their purpose. All these materials come in contact with nature and pollute the environment in many ways. While a composite mat is used, the ground is safe from the effect of harmful chemicals. The mats work as a shield between the chemicals and the base.

Creates a strong base to place heavy machines:

Every transmission and distribution project includes several heavy machines. While the base is unstable, muddy, or slippery, the machines cannot be used there. These places can damage the expensive machines. Using a composite mat offers strength to the base to carry loads of the machines.

Reduces project cost:

A composite mat can reduce your project cost significantly. By creating an alternative road for transportation and traveling, it reduces the traveling and material transportation costs. As it is reusable, unlike wooden mats, and does not rot or damage, it is affordable for projects.

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