Aerial Work Platform

Maco Corporation aerial work platform plays a vital part at the worksite, particularly in the area of the building, electrical and telecommunication base.

Wondered how huge buildings are constructed and little tasks that have to be done at an extreme height are achieved? The answer is an aerial work platform. More often than not, a ladder or an elaborate bamboo structure to reach heights is not always feasible. In such a case, industrial work platforms are used. They are of several kinds like scissor lifts, boom lifts, material lifts, spider lifts and others. Each kind of machine is customized for a specific kind of task thus different ones are employed for different situations.

Maco Corporation is a leading provider of aerial work platform rentals. We have years of experience in the construction industry, thus we know what platform suits which situation. We also prioritise safety above everything else. The control and management of these machines needs to be extremely easy for even the layman to understand. One of our expert team members will be there with you from the beginning of the process to take you through all the steps: understanding your objectives, choosing the correct lift, punctual delivery, guidance, staying on site if necessary and then the cleaning and damage control after the work is done.

aerial work platform

We are reliable providers of aerial work platforms, helping our customers make the best choices. The machines are fitted with appropriate features like:

  • Self propulsion feature
  • Automatic reaching of great heights
  • Easy-to-understand control panel
  • Wide working space
  • Expert guidance and opinion
  • Affordability
  • Options to purchase as well as rent
  • Efficient service including delivery and maintenance


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