Aerial Work Platform

Maco Corporation aerial work platform plays a vital part at the worksite, particularly in the area of the building, electrical and telecommunication base.

These aerial work platform rentals are also known as only aerial work platforms. This is the mechanical machine that is used to produce short access to computers or people to reach distant places that are usually at the top.

These Aerial work platforms are created and made of heights varying from 6 to 14 m.

Fabricated using step process and material, these platforms give a safe working environment, thus making the device worth the money.

These industrial work platforms are cost-effective and straightforward to use. It is lightweight and compressed and can be used in schools, churches, warehouses etc.

We also provide products like telescopic boom lift, articulating boom lift, spider lift, vertical mast lift, trailer-mounted boom lift, rough terrain scissor lift, personnel lift, electric boom lift and Man lift rentals.

Our esteemed patrons highly value these platforms for their integrity in promoting ease of preservation and treatment.

Precautionary Standards of Aerial Work Platform

  1. Plan your work according to the task demands and make sure that the operator is informed of the surroundings, the possible risks and the steps to evade them.
  2. Determine the right type of aerial platform. The size and the way of access to the platform provider should match the kind of duty you wish to take out.
  3. Rigidly adhere to the fundamental security ways such as reducing the work area before lifting the work policies, raising the stage slowly and thoroughly, withdrawing leaning over handrails and continuously keeping your concentration on the work and the area in which the platform is moving.
  4. Evade pressing past an obstruction at the end.
  5. Make sure you have experts on standby to assist you in getting to security in case of an unexpected event or if you get caught while doing your task.