Boom Lift Rental

Our boom lift rental devices are purposefully built in line with the enterprise you are serving in. Thus you are assured of getting top quality boom lift equipment intended for the job in mind. Maco Corporation gives the best boom lift rentals in India, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad.

As official Genie Distributor lift hire providers, we offer a wide range of Genie lifts to our clients. We are the leading prominent boom lift suppliers in India.

Maco Corporation is your go-to for direct boom lift rentals in India, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad. We produce high-quality boom lifts for rental as well as for the acquisition of a wide range of reinforcements and resources, with all the various traits you might require.

With the support of a highly skilled service team, our machine is well-maintained by developing rigid safety rules, guaranteeing that our clients enjoy complete peace of mind when they rent our facilities.

We have a technical library of procedure manuals, part manuals and service manuals for the different machines in our fleet. These machines are not limited to a single process and can be used for a host of installation, support and cleaning activities across various areas.

Boom Lifts Supplier in India

What are the various boom lift rental services we offer?

Telescopic Boom Lift

Telescopic boom lift is also known as straight mast boom lifts. They are samples of aerial work policies connected to extend the arms. They work like telescopes to reach heights that would be otherwise hard to enter.

Articulating boom lift

Articulating boom lift is aerial work machines with various boom parts that add or “articulate” enabling the worker to gain an introduction to working areas over restrictions and limitations. These handy tools are ideal for the fast way and hard-to-reach regions.

Trailer-mounted boom lift

Trailer mounted boom lift is stable enough to be utilized on hardwood platforms and simplified to use pictograph handles which help to make it an easy process.

Electric Boom Lift

Electric Boom Lift is used for jobs that need leading up and over barriers to gain access to a place not quickly addressed by a straight telescopic boom. This lift is almost indistinguishable to the straight boom lift in every phase, except in the boom and the ability to connect.

We have years of experience in marketing and presentation of boom lifts, which helps in further serving several clients in a wide range of areas.

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