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What is a Rotary Union?

The rotary union is a device used to transfer fluid under pressure or vacuum from a stationary inlet to a rotating outlet. Rotary unions transfer fluid to machines in rotating machinery such as a spinning drum heated by oil or chilled by water.

A rotary union is a specialized tool that connects a stationary input to a rotating part. It does this by allowing a moving connection to be preserved and permitting the flow of media. There are many different applications that use rotary unions and the one suited for your application is specific to the media flow path, the number of channels, the speed, loads and temperatures

Rotary Union

Different Types Are Used For Each Type of Machinery

1) Pressure Joints:

Pressure joints are sealed by pressure. This classical technology requires a relatively large amount of torque and is suitable only for low pressures (<250 psi or 17 bar).

2) Plastomeric Seals :

Plastomeric rotary unions use custom or commercially available “soft seals” made from application-specific polymers or elastomers. Because they're lightweight, they exhibit high torque, heat generation and wear rates.

3) Hydrostatic Seals :

Hydrostatic rotary unions provide precise tolerances and no-contact sealing without maintenance. They have a rotating element suspended on a fluid film that circulates continuously at a very low flow rate, which helps prevent they speed of these unions from going too high.

4) Mechanical Seals:

Mechanical seal rotary unions reduce the wear and heat generation on seals, and their extreme accuracy at a wide range of pressures. Their pressure tolerance is up to 140 bar, and they can work at temperatures up to 40,000 RPM. They can also be designed in different ways depending on the desired use of the union.

Used In The Industrialized World

Rotary unions can be installed at the end of or around a rotating shaft. They are made for all kinds of fluids to pass through, including water, air, hydraulic, metalworking fluids and more.

Rotary unions are used in many assembly lines because they allow for efficiency and versatility. Rotary unions also appear in automobiles and other machines that require constant supplies of lubrication, air, or other liquids. Brakes, for example, use rotary unions to maintain a constant supply of air.

Rotary Union

What is a Deublin Rotary Union?

Deublin's rotary union for coolant is designed with closed seal technology. This reduces the time and cost of replacing a seal and makes it easy to maintain longer.

Types of Rotary Unions

Rotary unions have different ports for different types of materials. Some general-purpose ports will accept a variety of material at the same time, such as those that are straight or have an elbow. There are also multiple port rotaries which consist of perforated cylinders.

Rotary Union

How Does A Hydraulic Rotating Union Work?

The excavator has internal rotary unions that transfer fluid between the cab and track base. This allows the machine to rotate 360 degrees.

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