Diesel Scissor Lift

The diesel scissor lift is primarily used to lift people upwards with its crisscrossing foundation supporting the platform. Maco Corporation has a wide variety of new diesel scissor lifts for rent, which is ideally revised for outdoor applications where a high range of work is needed.

These diesel scissor lifts provide excellent rough terrain capabilities to tackle most work sites. The range is both compact and versatile, giving extendable platforms for greater reach and working area.

With outriggers to stabilize and smoothen the scissor lift, it is the perfect access stage for building and development, support works, sign writers, air-conditioning installers and other related purposes.


  • Hydraulic differential device for enhanced rough terrain friction
  • Best suited for outdoor applications
  • Fully proportional controls
  • Robust, reliable and easy to maintain
  • Tight turning radius provides excellent maneuverability

Why choose us for scissor lift?

  • Safety
  • Our scissor lifts are production platforms used to reliably move operators vertically and to various locations in a mixture of activities including development, retail, performance and production.

  • Productivity
  • Our scissor lifts move quickly and safely from one place to another without hassle. This will help reduce the physical effort and fatigue of the workers who operate them and will instantly save time. So, they will have more energy and time to complete their daily operational tasks

  • Varied Power Option
  • There are numerous scissor lifts which use different types of power to operate. Some rely on mechanical energy. Others use ultra-smooth hydraulics or pneumatic control instead.

    Also, scissor lifts come in a variety of different sizes and types, making them an excellent fit for a wide range of different settings.

  • Simplicity of Transfer
  • You do not need to worry about mantling and dismantling of the machine so then you can quickly transfer scissor lifts with tow trucks. This will save you time and energy for other tasks.