Electric Scissor Lift

An electric scissor lift is environment friendly, with low noise levels and no hazardous emissions, and some models are even equipped with non-marking tires.

The electric scissor lift is used for lifting persons or objects to a required height. This type of lift moves only vertically. It is extensively used in the construction and development industry where it is normal for people to work in high areas.

The electric scissor lifts for rent can also be classified into two types depending on their drive device – hydraulic lifts and pneumatic lifts. In hydraulic lifts, a liquid is applied for the upward movement of the elevator.

When the liquid is applied, the scissor arms stretch and the lift goes up. The volume of liquid produced depends upon the length to which the lift has to be raised. It is controlled with a device. In pneumatic lifts, airbags are used to relocate the scissor arms up and down.

Depending upon the source of power, an electric scissor lift can be divided into gas and electric powered lifts.

Electric Scissor Lift

Gas-powered lifts are typically used for outdoor purposes whereas electric ones are used for indoor purposes.

Nowadays, lifts with unique pieces are also available. Some of these stories are tilt, rotate and horizontal shift. The tilt feature allows the worker to choose the angle of the platform and the rotate function enables the platform to turn. Some of them have a stand that can even move horizontally.

Scissor lifts are unsafe if ill-treated. The user should regularly follow the safety directions carefully. Also, one should avoid storing goods in the elevator above its allowable load limit. Overloading can create accidents and hence, should be avoided. Moreover, please keep the equipment locked, when not in use, to prevent its illegal use.