Rig Mats

We provide composite oil rig mats to work safely and sensitively on any area. We offer a solid base for all your drilling and construction requirements.

Often in construction, only heavy machinery is not enough. These machines need support to work efficiently. This support is provided by extra rig mats. Normally made of timber or some other long lasting wood, these are also called oil rig mats. They may also come with an extra layer of steel that adds to the durability and quality. Rig mats are more useful when it comes to coastal or marine constructions. Ground textures and quality is often dicey and it is safer and more convenient to use oil rig mats for construction.

Why is Maco Corporation a top option for rig mats?

  • Our rig mats are extremely durable and last for years. You won't have to worry about them forming cracks all of a sudden and threatening the quality of work or safety of the workers.
Composite Rig Mats
  • We are a trusted brand in the market and have a reputation for being reliable and providing efficient service to all our clients.
  • Our team of experts knows the best applications of rig mats and will even help you with placement and use on site for maximum benefit.

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