Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Rough terrain scissor lift is intended to cross rough outdoor terrain, making them ideal for areas with uneven surfaces, especially construction sites. These lifts also have the capacity to hold many people.

Nearly all rough terrain lifts come with outriggers, heavy-duty tires and new safety devices. Fall restraints and arrestors are also fitted in since the weather can take an extreme turn anytime and pose a critical risk to aerial workers.

Rough terrain lifts can be diesel, gas, liquid propane or dual fuel machines. Rough terrain scissor lifts are heavy, construction-oriented four-wheel-drive motors with real stress handle — ideal for improving strength in demanding free worksites.

Maco Corporation top-rated selection among scissor lifts is the rough terrain scissor lift class.

They are intended to provide larger platform work areas and also provide heavier weights than boom lifts. Scissor lift platforms may be built only vertically, except for an accessible option that enlarges the deck horizontally.

Scissor lift rental is the most suitable option for temporary or semi-temporary jobs that need cost-effective answers.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift


  • Improved power
  • Enclosed combustion motor
  • Four-wheel drive and real traction check ideal for charging outdoor worksites
  • Drive and use at full height
  • On-board diagnostics for simple troubleshooting
  • Tilt level sensor with an emphatic signal
  • Proportional lift and turn
  • Full-height wave barrier
  • AC control to stand
  • Rear-wheel braking
  • Foam-filled rough ground tires
  • Advance alarm


Rough terrain scissor lift rentals are meant for outdoor use or on uneven covers. Available fuel types are gas, propane and diesel which come in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive variants. Lifting heights are accessible from 25ft to 50ft. Man lift rental is utilized where there is less reach and height, but more workspace and lifting capacity.

Also, we can generate a rental plan for your particular needs. Speak to our agents about getting the right tools and rental plan for your venture.