Spider Lift Rental

A spider lift is an exceptional kind of an access device. Its small physical size is one of its most striking characteristics; this connected with the light weight allows it to work nearly everywhere. Maco Corporation concentrates on the production of spider lifts for sale, spider lift rentals, high-tech tracked spider lifts and aerial work platforms.

The composition and production of our spider lift and regarded aerial work stands is Italian, ensuring utmost security with state-of-the-art technology and safety resolutions.

We are a leading firm in the production and marketing of tracked, self-propelled, spider lift, railroad and trailer-towed aerial work stands.


Compressed Dimensions

To provide that the spider lift has enough area to fit cherry pickers, our lifts feature dimensions small enough to enter homes through regular single or dual doorways.

The tailed spider boom lift is very maneuverable, highlighting small dimensions and short overall time, the stained chassis can be used in a very tight period and can typically be used in operations not much more extensive than its diameter.

Followed Chassis

In addition to producing low floor loadings, the spider lifts' low gross weight also makes them very transportable.

Efficiently scattered across the stained chassis while running and having stabilizer support when operating, our spider lifts emphasize very low floor fillings and are ideal for running on rough areas or weak floors.

Handy Spider Stabilizers

Spider leg shaped stabilizers offer two benefits. First of all, they give a broad and robust setup section.

Moreover, the tracked Spider can lift its case to a great height providing great levelling experience even on sloped and uneven ground.

Finally, the capacity to set the stabilizers at various width settings provides our handy Spider lifts to set up in many uncomfortable places where width limitations may apply.

Low Gross Tonnage

With a small gross weight, the Spider lift powered access stage is perfect for running inside on sensitive flooring due to its low power and sand producing force. This low power also means that the spider lifts can be moved by trailer or small lorries, making them a convenient type of cherry pickers.

Decreased Point Fillings

With low gross weight over the tracked frame while driving and using the stabilizer base while working, our spider lifts emphasize very low floor fillings typically below 5kN/m2. This can be decreased further by using our variety of professional outrigger bases varying from 300 x 300mm to 1000 x 1000mm.