Telescopic Boom Lift

Maco Corporation offers a wide range of telescopic boom lift for rent, for many areas and ensures you of the first-class condition in all seasons.

We are recognized for the versatility of our machines and have more than received great feedback in that area.

Also, we give many customers the best option at all times, both in terms of product and service.

Explore our broad range of telescopic boom lifts now and rent the perfect tool to meet your demands!

Why pick us for telescopic boom lift rental?

  • When you want to work around diverse angles on crowded job sites, it's necessary to have the right piece of equipment to get you through to the source.
  • Our telescopic boom lifts are perfect for work that needs enlarging horizontal and upright outreach.
Telescopic Boom Lift
  • Our telescopic lifts take you right where you need to go while giving you the height and size you need.
  • Our varied series of telescopic boom lifts can move in any direction. Made for vertical and horizontal outreach, free jib models give added versatility. Outfitted with reliable diesel engines, these telescopic boom lifts also give excellent rough terrain execution.
Why prefer us?
  • To work around various angles and crowded job sites, Telescopic Boom Lift is the best piece of equipment that gets you right to the source. Diesel engine powered telescopic boom lifts are perfect for work that needs maximum horizontal and upright outreach.
  • Telescopic boom lifts take you right where you want to work while presenting you with the height and capacity you need.
  • Telescopic booms offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform which is ideal for areas with limited access in building and industrial purposes.
  • Telescopic boom lifts are also intended for rough terrain use and provide the drive speed you that is required at the job site and the business area.