Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

Maco Corporation trailer mounted boom lift offers outstanding up and out, capabilities in a compact and lightweight package that is easy to maneuver in congested work areas.

There are several kinds of aerial platforms available, such as boom lifts and spider lifts. All of them serve different functions in the construction industry. Sometimes, one may need to reach an area at the top that is dense and needs some navigation. In such cases, a trailer mounted boom lift is the platform you have to use. Its extreme height and ability to maneuver crowded zones makes it one of a kind. Maco Corporation is a leading provider of boom lifts in India.

Why choose Maco Corporation for hiring a trailer mounted boom lift for rent?

  • We understand the working principle of a trailer mounted boom lift and hence provide you with those which are the best for your objectives. Whether you need one for a painting task in some corner at the top or for fixing a wall that is far beyond your reach, choosing the right service provider who'll understand your requirements is important.
trailer mounted boom lift
  • Our trailer mounted boom lifts come with sturdy outriggers that are able to balance the entire machine on its base. This ensures that you complete your work with efficiency. They are also built with outstanding features like a long lasting battery, lightweight and the ability to reach great heights.
  • Maco Corporation has been a reliable brand since several years, with a track record of satisfied clients that vouch of our professionalism and knowledge of the field.