Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

The trailer mounted boom lift can be transported easily from site to site and set up quickly using manual or hydraulic outriggers. Maco Corporation trailer mounted boom lift is made to be light and dense and offers an exceptional working case for its size, with operating lengths varying from 9m (30ft) to over 21m (69ft).

Our trailer mounted boom lift in India is easy to use as proportional controls make them simple to operate and features such as telescopic booms, fly-booms, platform rotation, traction drive and hydraulic outriggers help to maximize their effectiveness.


Compact and Lightweight

The whole weight starts from just 1,200kg for the standard model and 1400kg for the composite image.


Water-pumping switches produce high levels of efficiency and accuracy in translation. Located in the box, they are convenient and straightforward to use.Hydraulic checks on the trailer-mounted boom lift are simple to utilize and very precise.


The trailer mounted boom lift is available in battery-electric, petrol, diesel and hybrid models. The diesel and petrol designs are perfect for a range of external purposes, while the electric model for indoor application.

The hybrid model gives extra versatility for businesses who run on various work sites. Running indoors is reasonable with the battery-electric power-producing clean and quiet performance.

The nearby switch allows workers to switch within battery-electric and diesel controls quickly.


Our trailer boom lift comes with an open self-drive system, which provides secure on-site maneuvering of the trailer. Supervisors can also use the handles to drive the van quickly up to a vehicle and place it for towing. This feature improves safety by reducing the need to push and pull the trailer manually.


Our smart device provides optimal operator performance. The trailer boom begins with a 240-volt power outlet. Once attached to the main power, operators can use their energy tools when they are at height.


We have come up with new safety innovations to preserve the operator on site. Two emergency shut-down switches are available in the basket and lower boom. A ‘dead man pedal’ put on the basket floor locks the extension in place and stops it from moving while operating at top.