Worm Gear

The superior advantages of open worm gearing, including its proven reliability, compactness for higher single reduction ratios and the ability to withstand high momentary overloads, continue to make it the preferred choice for machine designers, as a means for power transmission. Worm gears provide large reduction ratios, low noise and vibration levels, and uniform angular velocity. Its versatility is seen from its usage in a wide range of industries, from steel and aluminum mills to paper mills, oil, lumber and material handling, and is used on different kinds of mixers, fans, conveyors, cranes, pulverizers, industrial truck axels and pumps.

  • One Step reduction feature implies a minimum number of moving parts, thereby reducing failure hazards, spare parts and/or inventory for users and builders
  • Softer material restricts wear and tear of Gear, resulting in constant performance through unchanged worm thread contour.
  • High shock loading capacity due to teeth being under crushing load, instead of cantilevered load, as in other forms of gearing
  • Factors of safety inherent in worm gearing are much greater than those ordinarily obtained from other forms of gearing
  • Capability to perform under severe overload conditions.

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