Shaft Mounts

The Cleveland Gear Helical Shaft Mounted reducers are made of high-quality material, and are designed for better performance in extreme conditions. It eliminates the need of external support structures, as well as the need for chains, couplings or sprockets, as seen in conventional foot-mounted reducer assemblies. In addition, an ergonomic compact design minimizes alignment problems, while also saving space.

  • Shaft Mount reducers available in sizes 2–10
  • Suitable for AGMA Class l, ll, or lll applications
  • Ratios Available: 9:1 (size 2–6), 15:1 & 25:1
  • Carburized, case hardened and ground helical gearing
  • Alloy steel shafts with hardened and ground gear seats, and bearing/seal journals designed to maximize durability and operating life
  • Double lip spring loaded shaft seals designed to prevent oil leakage in harsh operating environments
  • Oversized bearings designed to ensure long and reliable service life in severe duty applications
  • High strength cast iron housings are precision machined to provide maximum support for all shafts

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