Series B

Cone Drive’s Series B reducers provide an economical, flexible and compact solution for fulfilling low-to-medium power range requirements. With capabilities up to 20HP and output torque up to 5,000lb in. in a single stage, the Cone Drive Series B can provide design flexibility with lasting performance.

  • Sizes (center distance-inch): 1.33, 1.54, 1.75, 1.97, 2.38, 2.62, 3.00,3.25, 3.54
  • Standard Reduction Stages: single, double
  • Interface: Inch or metric
  • Output Torque: Up to 7540 in. lb (852 Nm)
  • Gear Ratios: 5:1 to 3600:1 exact ratios
  • Ingress Protection: IP55
  • Input Options: Solid shaft, Nema + IEC motor interfaces
  • Output Shaft Options: Solid, hollow
  • Backlash Options: Standard
  • Mounting Options: Universal mount, torque arm, flange

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