Centro Metalcut Chop Saw Machine (Abrasive Saw) & Conditional Grinders for Steel & Metal Industry

Centro-Metalcut is an industry innovator and a leading manufacturer of highest quality conditioning grinders and abrasive saw machine for the steel industry. They custom engineer the equipments to fit the specific application. They design, build and test the machine at their plant which reduces installation and startup time.
Product Range & Major Application Areas For Grinding Stainless Steel, Special Alloys & Carbon Steel Products:
• Stationary Conditioning Grinders (for Slabs, Billets or Bloom and Rounds)
• Track Conditioning Grinders (for Billets or Bloom, Small Slabs, Rounds)
• Overhead travelling grinder (Spot Grinder)
• Dry Cutting Gantry Abrasive Saw Machines (Rails, Angles, Channels, etc.)
• Dry Cutting Pivot Abrasive Saw Machines (Rails, Angles, Channels, etc.)

Stationary conditioning grinder

Track conditioning grinder

Overhead travelling conditioning grinder

Pivot abrasive saw machine

Gantry abrasive saw machine