Composite Mats

We offer a wide range of composite mats for lightweight, heavy-duty specifications, and to suit any project resources. These composite mats give many benefits over solid timber, particularly for projects that need surface decking.

In times when the environment is sensitive and must be protected at all costs, composite mats are a gift which make construction easy and are also nature-friendly. Composite mats are light and easy artificial road slabs that are set up to protect the ground beneath as well as the machine on the top. Maco Corporation is a provider of high quality composite mats that are used frequently on construction sites.

We understand that it becomes difficult to get construction work done when the terrain is rough. It is inconvenient and poses a problem to the quality of the machine.

The wheels may wear out due to the friction. It may even slow down the overall work process. In such a case, composite mats double up as an artificial road and provide access to all areas. They are a temporary alternative to rough grounds. Whether it is for the mobility of vehicles or walking, composite mats provide ease to everyone.

They are also protective of the environment. Heavy construction machinery often destroys the plants and soft ground that comes underneath it. A layer of composite mats can prevent that from happening.

Contact Maco Corporation to buy or rent your share of composite mats today and see the difference yourself.