Composite Mats

Maco Corporation offers a comprehensive range of composite mats for light and heavy-duty specifications, that suit any project resources. These composite mats give many benefits over solid timber, particularly for projects that need surface decking.

These composite mats are excellent for heavy machinery and for construction fleet to reduce mud buildup on wheels.


  • Interlocking, overlying mat systems
  • HDPE durability
  • Enhanced traction for load-bearing vehicles
  • Transient roadway solutions for examining job sites
  • High achievement and security in severe weather situations
  • Lightweight for more favorable freight rates
  • Uniform covers ideal for the protection of environmentally sensitive areas
  • Anti-absorbent materials limiting cross-contamination between work sites

Why prefer us for composite mats?

Our composite mats are reusable job after job and significantly safer in weight, decreasing freight costs.

The composite mats are long-lasting, able to hold up under intense weather conditions, on uneven and unstable terrains and in areas with weak soil structure. Stability also means a very high rate of recovery after the job.

They have unique environmental protection features. Composites do not rot, are inert, and do not absorb contaminants..