Constricting Clutches & Brakes

With products engineered for everything from the marine industry to braking applications on heavy-duty equipment, drum-style Eaton Airflex constricting clutches and brakes are available with a variety of torque capacities and other features to meet the requirements of the most demanding jobs. They are sized by the drum diameter in inches on which they constrict and the width in inches of their friction lining. For instance, a size 26CM475 is designed to constrict on a 26-inch diameter drum and has a friction lining width of 4.75 inches.

  • Perfect fit for both clutch and brake applications in high-speed, cyclic operations as well as coupling and general power transmission
  • Engineered for marine industry on diesel-driven, reverse-reduction gears
  • Ventilated friction shoes to permit clutch slippage and protect operating life
  • Increase energy capacity, expanding the range of traditional drum-clutch products, allowing for longer slip times
  • Designed to excel in severe clutching and braking applications on heavy-duty equipment

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