Air Cooled Disc Clutches and Brakes

Eaton’s Airflex DB Spring-Applied Brake products are disc style brakes that are spring-applied and air-released. Designed and built to provide dependable clutch and break service in the most severe industrial applications. The CB is best suited for high speed cyclic operations, as well as for coupling and general power transmissions. The VC is best suited for applications where large inertia loads and sustained slippage would normally result in loss of torque and reduced operating life.

  • The DBB torque capacities and heat dissipation characteristics make them ideal for high speed cyclic applications.
  • Ideal for non-cyclic applications because of their high energy capacities.
  • Air-applied units available in multiple-disc designs.
  • Favorable torque to size ratio and low inertia friction disc assemblies.

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